The only digital guide under the hills is ready with four places which would make every celebration unforgettable and most of all, unique


The season of holidays and long summer nights is just starting and no one wants to stay at home when the whole city seems to have come to life and is blooming. The central part is full of people every night and it seems that everyone is celebrating something, even if it’s the joy of the good weather.

However, when we want to organize a slightly different party, the possibilities are not so unlimited. We aren’t counting the option of something standard – like a dinner or a drink with friends, for example… We’ve done this a thousand times and especially when the occasion is special, we look for something different. Well, here the only digital guide under the hills is ready with four places which would make every celebration unforgettable and most of all, unique.

A Gatsby-themed party is the dream of many ladies. When and where else would you wear a sequined dress, combine it with a long pearl necklace and look quite right? Gingertale is the place that makes all this real and through its special theme party format Vintage Tales & Cocktails it gives a really different experience which includes a combination of cocktails and catering, theme decoration, creating a thematic look with hair and makeup, DJ, photographer, and personal swing dance workshop. Whether you are having a bachelorette or bachelor party, a birthday party or a corporate party, the concept of the organizers is to immerse you in a real vintage fairy tale an in the splendor of the glamorous era.

And as we write about summer parties, we can’t be exhaustive if we miss the pools. The good news is that even if you do not have a villa and a private pool, there is an option to take the celebration on the island of colorful and crazy parties – Colibri Pool Bar. The bar is huge, full of cold refreshments and exotic cocktails. For the hungry, there is a cold food menu, and we recommend the bruschettas and the fruit salads. Satisfying and light, and the right combination for the wide selection of cocktail wines. The evenings here have no limits – modern music under the sounds of professionally selected equipment. A variety of music styles, different guest DJs and performers are just a small part of the possibilities that will make the night special. Just as the hummingbird is colorful and brings with it the feeling of color and life, here is the place for all the colorful and crazy party people for whom every day can be a holiday and adventure.

We go back to the creative district of the city because especially in the summer Kapana is an endless outdoor party. You can hear laughter and clinking of glasses from every bar and the streets are filled with people who are having real fun. The craft beer bar Cat & Mouse is also among the places that can offer you an unconventional experience. You can now relax and celebrate with a beer in hand and a strong competitive spirit with a game of Sjoelbak. Also known as Dutch Shuffleboard, the Dutch game quickly gathered fans under the hills after Cat and Mouse opened the first Sjoelbak club, offering new entertainment to all visitors of the creative district. A perfect way to challenge your friends would be to organize a tournament in which the best one would win and the loser would pay for the beer.

Our last idea for an unforgettable experience in Plovdiv will take you on an adventure mission in one of the many escape rooms under the hills. In the rooms, apparently without an exit, the goal is to play as a team and find the hidden answers and escape. You have 60 minutes, and the team spirit is guaranteed. Surely this is not a traditional way to party, but we are 100% confident that the challenge is worth it. Drinks and dancing can always be after.


And how do you celebrate?