We continue our tour of the neighborhood bars to the north of Plovdiv


We spent one Saturday evening in Kuchuk Paris, and more recently in the Trakia district. Well, now the time has come for the perimeter just north of the Maritsa River. In Karshiyaka, much of the nightlife and all sorts of bars and shops are concentrated around the big hotels. We can even safely say that the area, locked between Bulgaria Boulevard and the Pedestrian Bridge, is exactly the center of the neighborhood. Here are some of our suggestions for places to visit for a drink in the evening:

Escape Modabar Plovdiv                                                                             

Escape is one of the establishments that hasn’t changed its name and concept for more than 10 years. It still remains the place where you can drink coffee with friends in the garden and party under the sounds of quality music. Every Friday and Saturday night DJs stand behind the decks to ensure good mood, lots of dancing and cheers among the customers. It works long after midnight, so the party is guaranteed. A rich selection of drinks and cuisine in case you need something to eat.

E’memento Lounge Bar

Next to Escape Modabar is our next suggestion. It is also a bar and diner type where you can both drink a good cocktail and get something to quench your hunger. Even on weekdays, they have lunch offers for those in the area. Weekends are reserved for DJ sets, and during the week you can just relax with friends after a long day of work.

Planet Club La Dolce Vita

Last year, the iconic establishment celebrated 18 years, and apparently, over the years the atmosphere and concept have become better. This is a place that doesn't need much introduction. It started the idea of club parties under the hills and for 19 years some of the coolest nights have been here. A variety of cocktails, quality alcohol, and visits of one of the most popular names behind the decks. They often make theme nights and really for so many years you still need a reservation for Friday and Saturday.

Other popular venues include Martini Bar, just opposite Grand Hotel Plovdiv, which is especially visited during the summer because of the cozy garden, and Estrella Bar & Dinner. The latter is located directly opposite Escape and also has a kitchen and a lunch menu. A lot of theme parties are organized - salsa, kizomba, quizzes, and during the day it is loved by the parents as there is room for the little ones.

Two piano bars are also available to fans of this type of entertainment, so Saturday nights in Karshiyaka can be quite a fun experience, especially with good company.

And which places do you visit?