Summer may be over, but that doesn't mean we can indulge in culinary feasts and forget about our summer bodies


The team of Lost in Plovdiv, the only digital guide under the hills, has selected for you several places where you can eat whatever your heart desires and rest assured that all the products used for the sweets are natural and healthy.

Cacao Green Sense

Sugar-free ice cream, delicious protein bars and tempting cakes that you can eat without remorse - all this may sound like a utopia, but we guarantee you that such a place exists. Cacao Green Sense is located near the city center - on Philip Makedonski Street, and their sweet creations are a great reason to stop by whenever we need something for the soul!

The Green Library

We can't wait for them to open their renovated location in the Kapana district, but until then, on Zornitsa Street you will find the most delicious raw cakes under the hills. The products they use are 100% organic, bio and natural, selected with great care. For sweeteners they use honey, agave, maple syrup and in rare cases - xylitol, erythritol and coconut sugar, and their cocoa is of the best variety - Criollo. All of this can't help but guarantee an out-of-this-world taste, and adding the great look - their desserts are worthy of any celebration!


One of the first vegan restaurants in Plovdiv and perhaps the most popular. Veggic offers an extraordinary variety of delicious and healthy food - every day there is something new on the lunch menu. They don't specialize in desserts alone, but in their window, you will always find at least two options of raw candies, cakes, cheesecakes or other types of sweets. A perfect combination with a cup of coffee or cappuccino in the Kapana atmosphere. They are located on Zlatarska Street.


They are always an option when we want to take something on the go and especially when we need a filling and nutritious breakfast. Of these, we recommend that you try their desserts in a cup with chia and oatmeal. A good choice for a snack between meals, as they perfectly balance the ingredients and quench the desire for something too sweet and unhealthy. One of their locations is right before the Pedestrian Bridge when coming from the center, and the other is opposite Patriarch Evtimiy School on Ivan Vazov Street.

The Green Lemon

Every day, with their lunch menu, you can also enjoy a large selection of desserts for the day. This is the place to go for specialty Ayurvedic sweets, whole wheat cake, seasonal fruit strudel and a variety of candies to sweeten up at any time. They are located immediately after the pedestrian bridge, next to Grand Hotel Plovdiv.

Healthy and sugar-free options are already on the menus of a number of the better restaurants and confectionary shops under the hills. Just ask on the spot and don't hesitate to try, as these options are in no way inferior to the traditional delicacies.