The Bulgarian traditional cuisine is rich in spices, aromatic and very tasty

Speaking of classical cuisine in the Balkans, we can not help but begin by specifying that each of the countries located on the Balkan Peninsula is strongly influenced by its neighbors. This also applies to the traditional cuisine of every country. For example, the dishes of Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey have many similarities, such as the variations of the classical native moussaka, which, although with small differences, is common in all three countries.

If you want to taste delicious native food, today we will introduce you to some of the restaurants offering tempting Bulgarian cuisine. We will start with Yuzhnen Polah. The restaurant is extremely spacious and the food is well prepared and delicious. It is a suitable choice for family celebrations, and thanks to the spacious halls and outdoor gardens, it is extremely rare for someone not to find a place to eat.

We continue with the open 24/7 restaurants of the Diana chain. They are decorated in authentic folklore style, and the same feeling will be gained by opening the menu. There is so much variety of dishes that the restaurants offer that you will be looking at the list for a few minutes before you can focus your attention on what to eat. The good thing is that even if you get hungry at 3 o'clock in the morning or want to eat after a  party night, Diana is always open.

Whether you are looking for coziness, hospitality, a flashback to the authentic Bulgarian atmosphere or a complete memory of the most important moments in your life - restaurant Megdana will be happy to offer you all this. You can recall with pride that you are Bulgarian, getting a sense of the emblematic atmosphere, culinary specialties and music, performed live for you! Megdana offers an exciting glance back to the roots, food and home to the Bulgarian soul!

Another place that offers native cuisine is the 9th-kilometer tavern. There you can warm your soul with selected elixirs from the Bulgarian cellars, try the appetizers that the Voivodas have eaten, and listen to the songs that the reapers were singing. This culinary magic is being prepared at the moment and is presented with attention and smile. When you enter the 9th-kilometer tavern you’ll feel the pleasant and cozy atmosphere in traditional Bulgarian folk style. The smartly selected authentic decorations - folk costumes, colored rugs and coppers, located stylishly and unobtrusively, harmonize and complement the typical Bulgarian style and contribute to even better mood and pleasant emotions. In consonance with this original atmosphere and spirit for the good mood and fun of the guests the Assen Bend Orchestra are playing live on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. You can enjoy Bulgarian music and rhythms, creating fun till dawn. The 9th-kilometer tavern warmly welcomes you on every holiday. They will turn any "occasion" into a "big event" by combining delicious food with attractive performance and impeccable service.

No matter how much we list, we will not be able to mention each of the restaurants that offer Bulgarian national cuisine. Try the varied restaurant suggestions and recall folk traditions in a pleasant atmosphere.

Expect more delicious suggestions from the best Plovdiv guide!