We've selected a few favorite places to get your day started right

And after you’ve been on our party routes Part 1Part 2 and  Part 3 don’t rush and miss breakfast but enjoy a peaceful late get-together with friends and take advantage of the suggestions that we from the Plovdiv guide Lost in Plovdiv carefully selected for you. They say that breakfast should be the main meal of the day, however in Bulgaria it is most common to eat on the go, so we can’t start with the so popular banitsa with boza that can be found in almost every bakery in town, smelling of cheese, warm and enticing, especially in the cold autumn morning.

Bakehouses and bakeries are located in many places, where you can choose from a huge variety of pastries that are freshly baked and will surely satiate you. And if you are downtown in the area of the Hali, do not miss the taste of the pierogi that many of us remember from our childhood years - with the marmalade melting in the mouth!

And since we from the Plovdiv guide want every morning to start with a good mood, we have also searched for those hidden places where we can have breakfast, drink coffee and "steal" a little time for ourselves or spend it in the company of loved ones.

Eddy’s Café & Food – they say pancakes here are divine, and we can’t help but agree and order another portion. You can choose from savory and sweet pancakes or bet on the so popular in Italy - panini. The temptations follow a French recipe, extremely thin and with real products that contribute to the indescribable taste. The staff is friendly and smiling from early on and the atmosphere predisposes to a relaxed morning, garnished with tempting food and delicious coffee. An absolute must for a brunch over the weekend.

Author’s note: Order a pancake with apples and cinnamon and you wouldn’t want to finish with your breakfast.

If you want to eat something freshly baked in the morning, other than banitsa andbörek, don’t miss the French bakery La Marquise where you can enjoy a wide variety of sweet and savory products: cakes, pastries, croissants, macaron, bread,quiche,savory muffins. What is more French than a croissant and coffee at breakfast!? Well, it may not have a view of the Eiffel Tower, but Plovdiv also has its charming places.

Vitafix–and what is better in the morning than something fresh to wake your mind and senses ... In Vitafix everything is fresh, tasty and healthy. And as a popular Bulgarian song goes, it is an "unexpectedly good combination". Smoothies, sandwiches, crackers are just a small part of the assortment that tempts us every morning on our way to the office.

And if you are in the area of the Central Station, don’t miss KinoCafe Plovdiv for a portion of homemade mekitsi, fried slices of bread and omelets. Guaranteed to take you to your grandmother's kitchen and make you lick your fingers!

No matter which option you choose - one thing is certain - if we start with delicious food at a nice place in a cozy atmosphere, everything else will seem somewhat more pleasant. And very soon the most up-to-date Plovdiv guide is preparing more places which are worth getting up early and enjoying the first meal of the day!