We've selected a few favorite places to get your day started right


The article was updated in August 2020

And after you’ve been on our party routes  don’t rush and miss breakfast but enjoy a peaceful late get-together with friends and take advantage of the suggestions that we from the Plovdiv guide Lost in Plovdiv carefully selected for you. They say that breakfast should be the main meal of the day, however in Bulgaria it is most common to eat on the go, so we can’t start with the so popular banitsa with boza that can be found in almost every bakery in town, smelling of cheese, warm and enticing.

Bakehouses and bakeries are located in many places, where you can choose from a huge variety of pastries that are freshly baked and will surely satiate you. And if you are downtown in the area of the Hali, do not miss the taste of the pierogi that many of us remember from our childhood years - with the marmalade melting in the mouth!

And since we from the Plovdiv guide want every morning to start with a good mood, we have also searched for those hidden places where we can have breakfast, drink coffee and "steal" a little time for ourselves or spend it in the company of loved ones.

If you want to eat something freshly baked in the morning, but different from banitsa and burek, visit the French bakery La Marquise, where you can enjoy a wide variety of sweet and savory products: cakes, pastries, croissants, macaroons, bread, quiche, salty muffins. What is more French than a croissant and coffee for breakfast!? Well, it may not be with a view of the Eiffel Tower, but Plovdiv also has its charming places. They also offer a lunch menu during the week and there is always something delicious, even if you’ve slept late.

Two other very popular bakeries in the central part of the city are Kapana and the relatively recently opened El Greco. In each of them you can choose pastries, different from the traditional ones, and sit down to drink your coffee in the sun with a plate of sweet temptation next to you.

Vitafix–and what is better in the morning than something fresh to wake your mind and senses ... In Vitafix everything is fresh, tasty and healthy. And as a popular Bulgarian song goes, it is an "unexpectedly good combination". Smoothies, sandwiches, crackers are just a small part of the assortment that tempts us every morning on our way to the office.

Two of the larger restaurants in the city under the hills also offer a morning menu until noon. Raffy Bar & Gelato tempts us every day from 8 am to 11:30 am with homemade French toast, omelets, scrambled eggs and a typical English breakfast with bacon, beans and vegetables, and Torro Grande has an option for everyone who prefers to eat pancakes outside. They offer their American version, richly topped with chocolate, and for healthier eaters - wholemeal bruschettas with guacamole. You can try them every day until 12 o'clock.

Our latest suggestion on the topic of breakfast is the handmade doughnuts on Otets Paisii. In August, they only work on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, but we guarantee that you will come back to try all their flavors. Bluestone doughnuts are just phenomenal and are a great choice, especially if you get up later. The owners start working at dawn, so that from 10 am we can enjoy them fresh, warm and with amazing fillings.

Be sure to take a look at the brunch places under the hills, which we hope will multiply over time.

Regardless of which of the options you choose - one thing is for sure, if we start with delicious food in a pleasant place in a cozy atmosphere, everything else will seem a bit more pleasant.