3 cafés, preferred by the team of the only digital guide in Plovdiv


You can't be in the city under the hills and not walk once on the steep cobbled streets in Old Plovdiv. The architectural-historical reserve is located on three of the hills of Plovdiv - Nebet Tepe, Dzhambaz Tepe and Taksim Tepe, also known as the Three Hills, and covers an area of 35 km². It was formed as a result of the continuous life in the city for centuries and combines the spirit and architecture of Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Bulgarian Revival.

We have walked you virtually through its hidden secrets more than once or we have revealed to you the popular tourist attractions through our eyes. And while it doesn't take up that much space, if you really want to see it all at once, a summer walk can be quite exhausting. That is why the stop for coffee or a drink becomes an absolute must. However, despite its central location, keep in mind that there are not too many cafes here and sometimes it can be difficult to find a place where you can just have a drink. But our team is here, ready with some favorite places.

We start with the cafe with the most epic view, where it is impossible to find seats around the hours of performances. Café Arena is located right at the entrance of the Ancient Theater and offers a breathtaking view of the stage, Sahat Tepe, Youth Hill and the south side of the Tunnel. If you want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Old Town with a glass of caffeinated drink or a refreshing cocktail in the evening, this is the place.

In case you start or end your walk from the underpass of Kapana at the very beginning of the cobbled street opposite the Hebros Hotel, you can drink homemade iced herbal tea and gather strenght for the tour of the ancient sights at Satori Magic Café. It is a cozy and pretty place where we also like their cream coffee and fresh lemonades. An excellent way to gather strength for a few more kilometers of walking through the secrets of Plovdiv.

At the other end - in the part to the Monday market, there is a cult place - Balaban café. It was revived last summer and was created 30 years ago by Kiril Balabanov. It gained popularity with the interesting and varied cocktails it offers. As well as with its cozy interior, going back in time, thanks to the black and white photos from the former Philippopolis. Favorite place to spend summer evenings of journalists, intellectuals, guests of Plovdiv from around the world. Now on the menu of Balaban café, in addition to traditional drinks, you can also find original cocktails served with special compliments in Swiss style.

Our team wishes you a pleasant walk. And don’t forget to visit the authentic house-museums, take selfies on Nebet Tepe and reserve tickets for a performance at the Ancient Theater. Only in this way you will be completely immersed in the atmosphere of your favorite Plovdiv!