Restaurants and hotels under the hills are just starting to prepare their offers and to tempt us with themed parties


We start with the organization early, since hotels and restaurants started flooding us with bombastic prices as early as October. Everyone in Bulgaria probably knows about the spectacular offer in Velingrad, about which dozens of memes and comments started appearing on the Internet. But as it turns out, there’re no availability there  too - so arranging something out of town for the friend group might be too late.

Restaurants and hotels under the hills, however, are just starting to prepare their offers and to tempt us with themed parties. We have selected some of them so that you can navigate the more interesting offers and quickly organize your friends if you want to be sure of the place.

Cabaret party at Vizualiza Hotel and Valere Restaurant

The cabaret probably began as a small club with an audience gathered around a platform in France in the 1880s. Originally, the entertainment consisted of a series of amateur acts linked by a master of ceremonies; his coarse humor was often directed against bourgeois social mores. Over the years it has established itself as a cultural movement celebrating freedom, self-acceptance and self-expression!

For New Year's Eve, the organizers have prepared an exquisite set menu, the best selection of drinks and a program that will make you dance, laugh and enjoy the party all night long! Enriched with the timeless style of the French Cabaret and Moulin Rouge, the hotel and restaurant will transform into an era of class, luxury and most importantly, good times! You should expect gastronomy, live music, DJ and much more...Dress code: red, black, high heels and bow ties. All this is at a price of BGN 350 per person.

The other larger hotels in the city under the hills also have a variety of offers with an included program and the possibility of dining in the restaurant, but they are often tied to a corresponding number of nights in a package.

Gatsby party at Grand Hotel Plovdiv

The glamorous times of jazz, swing and art deco style will come to life with a unique New Year's show program in the emblematic Plovdiv hotel. Thematic dance program with the participation of LINDY HOP, DJ and special guest performers DIRTY PURCHASE. For children, there will be a fairy-tale animation with Snow White and Elsa prepared. The price in the Paris and Moscow halls is BGN 320 and also includes participation in a raffle and a voucher for a casino in the city.

From the restaurants in Plovdiv, we could distinguish two options for families with children, in which we are confident that even the smallest ones will have fun.

Note di Vino

The restaurant will be open with its three halls on December 31st. For families, in the La Famiglia hall on the 1st floor, two separate parties have been prepared in the children's corner. For the little ones in the Mini children's corner, and for the older ones in the Mini disco. The animators will entertain the children, and the DJ will take care of the mood of the parents. In the La Famiglia hall, the price for a child will be BGN 70.

In the other two halls, Jazz&Wine and La Famiglia on the 2nd floor, there will be parties with music of all styles and according to the wishes of the guests.

The price for adults is BGN 140.

Pizzeria Speciale

DJ Ilko will take care of the music program here, and the welcoming of 2023 will be with a solemn fireworks display. There is an option for seating in both the hall and the winter garden, and the children's center will be open until 02 in the morning for crazy games and fun. The offers are respectively priced at BGN 168 or BGN 90, and for children – BGN 70.

In fact, children's menu options everywhere are half of those for adults, but not all have provided a program for the little ones. Most of the restaurants that we like in Plovdiv and recommend in our Lost in Plovdiv digital guide have either a DJ or an acoustic music night. The offered dishes combine masterful techniques with gourmet flavors and most often vary in the range of BGN 140-170 per person. Drinks include only 100 ml of alcohol and a glass of champagne for the New Year's toast. There are no drastic increases compared to past periods.

Golden Garden 2

Outside the center, an interesting option for celebration is the newly opened Golden Garden 2, where chef Zhivko will tempt us with a menu in which he has made a real mix of refined and popular tastes. With it, you can enjoy both French goat cheese and pork belly like a country Christmas, confit with sauerkraut and star anise. The price of the party is BGN 119.


Most of the establishments in the art district of Plovdiv will welcome the New Year without huge preparations and unnecessary fanfare. The majority of bars will not prepare catering and special offers, but will welcome everyone who comes to celebrate 2023. In Kotka i Mishka, the guest behind the decks will be Pink Tsonk, and for those who want to drink beer in the bar, there will be an entrance fee of BGN 10. Bally Club has prepared two options for a New Year's party. In one, snacks and starters will be available for a price of BGN 70, and in the other - you can dance and enjoy the good music for only BGN 10. Anyway Social Bar also has prepared a music mix with a DJ, so if you are fans of their cocktails - you can check for more details and availability.

By tradition, the square in front of the Municipality also always has a rich program with guest performers and the obligatory holiday horo at midnight. At the beginning of December, the city's public relations have not yet come out with official information about welcoming 2023.