We have selected for you a few shops that everyone recommends and visits when they want to buy fresh and selected meat products


The time of fasting has passed and we can safely indulge in eating all our favorite things. If you have decided to start the year healthy and have already read our article on how to get in shape quickly after the holidays, you must have chosen a diet. This type of diet most often contains correct proportions of all product groups, and meat is one of the main sources of protein.

And here are the stores that Plovdiv residents visit to get fresh and high-quality meat:


Their company store is located in the village of Voyvodinovo. The company is positioned on the market as the largest enterprise with industrial capacity and modern equipment meeting EU requirements for the production of fresh chilled and frozen meat. A significant part of their production is intended for export. The network in the country offers a large and high-quality selection of:

  • various chilled and frozen cuts;
  • pork and beef;
  • a wide assortment of minced meat products;
  • always fresh offal;
  • seasonal products - turkeys, lambs;
  • delicacies for connoisseurs - made following old recipes from horse meat.


The company was established in 2001 and works with fresh meat obtained from a special selection of Bulgarian products. They don’t contain enhancers such as skin, skin emulsions and machine-derived meats. They offer a wide range of different cuts, and at the address of their company store on Asenovgradsko Shosse they also have a fast food restaurant with ready-made Bulgarian dishes.


The products of Meskom-Popov are produced from Bulgarian chilled pork and beef and include: minced meat, kebabs, meatballs, sausages, cuts of pork and beef, cooked and smoked meats and sausages, raw-dried delicacies. All of them are prepared following traditional recipes, tailored to the specific taste of the Bulgarian consumer. They have several company stores not only in Plovdiv, but also in the country.

Sadovo meat factory

The enterprise itself was opened in the 1980s, as a branch of the Plovdiv meat factory, and was specialized in the production of raw dried delicacies - mainly sausages and sausage salami. In June 2020, after a specially completed reconstruction and modernization project, the first company store of Sadovo meat factory was opened, offering fresh meat and sausages. To date, they have sites in Kyuchuk Paris, Center and Trakia district.


For almost 30 years now, Orion has been one of the few manufacturers in Bulgaria with a closed production cycle. They offer raw-dried products, raw and minced meats, sausages. In Plovdiv, their store is located in the Trakia district, where the company's customers have been enjoying fresh meat at low prices for more than a decade.

Dobrotitsa Farm

It was founded way back in 1993 with the aim of producing dairy products of extremely high quality and original taste. So today, they continue following the old recipes left by the ancestors, and prepare fresh milk, cheese, yellow cheese, sour cream and many other nutritious dairy and meat products with high nutritional value, guaranteed quality and a traditional taste familiar to all Bulgarians.

At the Dobrotitsa farm in the village of Ovcharovo, over 7,000 dairy animals are raised and fed with personally produced pasture. Proper feeding and treatment of animals gives better and higher quality production. Their product categories include: long-life raw-cured and long-life cooked and smoked sausages and delicacies, meat preparations, cuts of pork, beef and lamb, short-life sausages and beef and lamb offal. In Plovdiv, they have company stores in several places in the city.

Zvezda Butchery

The address is 2 General Dandevil St, and the on-site offers are high-quality Bulgarian meat, first-class mature beef, delicacies and appetizers made following special recipes.

Puldin meat and meat delicacies

PULDIN minced meat and meat preparation enterprise was established in 2013 with the initial idea of supplying products to its own chain of meat stores. Over the years, the company improved and began delivering to local restaurants and grocery supermarkets. They have shops in Plovdiv and the region.


The reviews are about well-stocked stores with quality products and friendly staff. Their site is located on Knyaginya Maria Luiza Blvd.