Which are the places where the citizens of Plovdiv meet?

February 14th! Love is in the air! We have already chosen a restaurant for a romantic date or have chosen another idea from the article of Lost in Plovdiv or perhaps we’ve prepared a romantic marriage proposal? But where did we arrange to meet? Which are the places where the citizens of Plovdiv meet?

A few years ago and before the dawn of mobile communications, some of us remember the emblematic points in town where you could meet a lonely young boy with a flower waiting for his beloved or a noisy company - the last one to come. Today is different but with a slight nostalgic touch, we remind you of them and we urge you to leave the smartphones aside and arrange to meet today at 7 pm, for example in front of:

Bingo Balkan - Well, the bingo has long been a casino and it was a cinema before, but for most of us the gathering there was a tradition. It is especially convenient when you are at the center or you will be visiting some of the nearby bars.

Kopchetata (The Buttons) - in case you don’t want to stand, just a few meters away from the Bingo, are the cute round seats around the fountain near the Municipality. A favorite gathering place for many of the youngsters, where they wait for their friends or gather in groups and have fun outside.

The clock of the Post office - we go a little further south and head to the Central post office, where, under the arrows of the clock, not one and two youngsters stood impatient, dreaming of the moment when they’d see their beloved. If your idea of a date is to skate on the ice rink, then you must fix this place.

The stairs and the garden of the Dzhumaya - the point of gathering for all with the direction of the Old City and/or any of the restaurants in the creative district.

The wide of the Kapana – this is how the people of Plovdiv most often call Marukyan square with the hardware store of the same name. Here you can eat something from the delicacies of the bakery nearby, so the waiting will surely be a bit nicer.

The grandstands of the Rowing Channel - and for all sports enthusiasts who decided to spend some time outdoors, the sports stands are used for the point where friends come together. A frequent gathering point for runners early in the morning, as well as a place for resting cyclists, whom you can often see, propped bicycles aside.

No matter where you shift impatiently from one foot to the other, and you take a quick look at the watch in a minute or two, there is nothing better than knowing that your wait is worth it. The emotion of the encounter will be greater, and the pleasure when you see the face of your loved one - immeasurable.