This year too, we won’t forget to introduce you to some of the newest bars restaurants under the hills


The world is marked by a coronavirus pandemic for the second summer in a row, and this inevitably has a severe impact on business. Fortunately, many people dare to take risks and don’t cease to follow their dreams by opening the pretty cafes or restaurants of their dreams. The colorful district of Kapana is one of those places that have become the biggest attraction for locals and guests of the city, and therefore new restaurants are constantly appearing here or others are changing the concept and their owners. In the spring we told you about three newly started ventures, but to date we already have more additions to the diversity in the district.

La Casa

The cheapest coffee in Kapana or Nevi Club, which we wrote about in early 2019, has already closed. Although it was open in the distant in 1997 and has hardly changed since then, it is likely that the café on Zagreb Street has not withstood the constant restrictions during the pandemic.

About a month ago, however, the first pizzeria in the creative district appeared in its place. The Italian specialty was really something that was missing as an offer on the cobbled streets, but we can now enjoy it in the colorful atmosphere, right next to Yadroto. La Casa Kapana starts with a menu strictly focused on the Italian specialty and is presented in Plovdiv with a promise for the most delicious pizza. Their pizza masters have twenty years of experience in the industry and work with selected products and equipment of the highest class. They also have a neat yard, which is ideal for dining in the evening after the hottest wave.

Smashing Burgers

In early July, another burger place in Kapana opened near Marukyan Square, known locally as Shirokoto. There are several standard offers, but if you want something special, be sure to ask about the daily specialties. According to their website, they also have sites in the area of the Rowing Canal and in the Trakia neighborhood.

Saborna 23

The newly opened restaurant is a collaboration between the owners of Pavaj and QBar in Kapana. Currently, the menu list is extremely short, but the dishes are combined with suitable cocktails and are expected to grow and diversify. The tastes unite a number of Balkan cuisines - Bulgarian, Greek, Albanian, Turkish, but are presented in a different and modern twist. In fact, the official opening is yet to come, and for now you can only pilot try their offers from Wednesday to Sunday for dinner, and we look forward to finding out what else they’ll surprise us with.