Find out how the days of social isolation in Plovdiv can be a bit more interesting


Most people around the world are currently forced to spend as much time as possible at home. If you are reading this, you are probably one of them. Yes, it's important to stay safe indoors in order to protect ourselves and others, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun.

Even if you’re staying at home, be sure to try our suggestions for a more fun time so you won't be bored for a second.

Make a favorite recipe in your own kitchen

Staying at home for a long time without the option of going out has its downsides. Namely, you are never too far from your kitchen. Now is definitely not the time to worry about your figure, but it has been proven that cooking has a therapeutic effect. Georgi Lefterov from the Master’s Bakery and Dimitar Yoltov from Bakery Art often post recipes for pastry on social media. Todor and Melissa from Tams House have a video with an easy way to make fresh pasta, and Chef Mario from Multi Culti surprised us pleasantly with a blog about true culinary delights. All this can be used for many successful experiments and for more fun in social isolation.

Listen to a cool podcast                                                                 

A while ago in Pod Tepeto, we told you about the first episode of the journalist Petya Plachkova's culinary podcast. Sweet or Salty is presented in the form of a game. In it, the presenter cooks and reveals only part of the products she uses, and with the help of sounds, listeners need to guess the rest of the recipe and the dish she’s preparing. Each week, Petya will take her listeners to a new country and together they’ll study its cuisine. A real challenge for foodies and mystery lovers, and you already have a few episodes to enjoy:

Become a professional at-home cocktails

And if cooking is not your thing, we have another suggestion - become a virtuoso in the preparation of drinks. The bartenders at some of the best establishments have also used social media and our website to share their recipes and tips. Now you no longer have to wonder what to put in your shaker to get the perfect cocktail.

Work out in your living room

And since not everyone is having a great time on the couch, and we don't want to completely change our wardrobe after only a month or two at home, we suggest you start workouts at home. A number of sports coaches and gyms also did not remain indifferent in the state of emergency and began offering online training through various video platforms.

Take a virtual walk through popular tourist attractions

You usually have to walk among a huge crowd to even get in line before the Doge's Palace in Venice or the Old Town Square in Prague. But with the implementation of the extreme blocking measures across Europe, things look a lot different. There are a wide variety of webcams on the Internet, which broadcast live in the largest tourist centers. Now is the time to explore the Cathedral of Milan from all sides or to go to Versailles in a few hours.

Support local restaurants and producers

As mentioned above, most restaurants have shifted and you can now order your favorite meals for home delivery. This will help them make money at a difficult time. This is an appeal that applies to all local businesses - shop for clothes from Bulgarian fashion brands, give yourself a painting of a Plovdiv artist for the holiday, or surprise a friend with a hand-made gift from a small studio.

Visit online all museums or houses you missed in your favorite Plovdiv

The team of the only digital guide under the hills constantly tries to keep you informed about everything that is happening in Plovdiv. In the Landmarks and Secrets sections, we have prepared for you dozens of texts with pictures from familiar and less popular places. Take a stroll over to the most overlooked houses in the Old Town or browse the latest exhibits at the Ethnographic Museum. It will be interesting, we promise you!

Enjoy a music concert at home

The fact that a number of events have been postponed does not mean that the artists stopped working on their projects. Many of them use video platforms to present their new works and engage with their fans.

Join a virtual drawing lesson

Even if you always thought your drawing skills were restricted to a small house, as if drawn by a first-grader, Dali Vino Art Gallery would immediately disprove you. We have talked in detail how painting with a glass of wine goes with them, and you can now join in their online art sessions. They even offer an option to send you the materials you need. Keep an eye on their page for dates and more details.

Organize a meeting with friends and loved ones across any of the platforms

For anyone who misses their friends–get together, but not on kopchetata, but in front of the screen. Fortunately, we are isolated in the age of technology when we can see our loved ones anytime, anywhere. Grab a glass of good drink, a plate of food you have prepared, and sit down to discuss what's new. Almost like a restaurant, right!?

And what are your ideas for easier handling of the state of emergency in Bulgaria and worldwide?