This week in Plovdiv you can search for the best 18 YO whisky, try some cocktails on flames or improve your self-confidence

Photo: Mitakis Photos - Bridge over Maritza early in the morning

13th November

Week of inspiration

Inspiration is not something we get from our actions. It is what we put into our actions. Our life is our message to the world! Let this message be inspiring! Artists, musicians, dancers, lecturers, teachers and coaches will share knowledge, experience and inspiration from November 13th to November 19th at the Week of Inspiration.

Plovdiv Cultural Institute
13 – 19 November

No Sense presents: Cocktails on Flames

No Sense presents you with an evening, where you can sample a range of new and attractive cocktails. A concept of burning alcoholic beverages, selected by the team for a cozier and yet exciting sensation in the bar. Suitable for people with no habit of having fun on Monday after work.

No Sense
7 pm
Free entry

14th November

Spicy Cocktails @Podleza Bar&Fun

This Tuesday Podleza Bar&Fun have prepared a surprise with spicy cocktails! From the standard favorite Blood Mary, we'll go through the coral-red Dalmatian and we'll warm up with Hot in Rio! For the rest of the new additions, you can ask at the bar!

Podleza Bar&Fun
8 pm

Movember в търсене на Епикурееца

There’s no way Sandak as a bar of real men not to celebrate Movember. For this purpose the whisky of the Epicurean will help.

8 pm

15th November

Improve your self-confidence

Join BizLabs’ meeting and train YOUR self-confidence in our impromptu speaking session.
You will have the chance to get some useful examples how to use unknown circumstances to handle a situation, what's more - You will have the chance to stand up and challenge yourself by taking part in some of the examples.

Biz Labs
7 pm
Free entry

Hayes & Y live @Bee Bop Café

The guys from Hayes & Y are back from England for a series of concerts on their native land. Once again, the band is on stage at Bee Bop Café to perform original songs from their 3 EPs, as well as new tracks, including the brand-new Always So Simple, Always So Cold.

Bee Bop Café
9.30 pm
Entry: 7 lv.

Beer, Shots, Table Football and Board Games

Wednesday, time for games!
Try the new games:
Darts with shots!
Jenga with shots!
Free foosball!
There will be more new games soon!

Podleza Bar&Fun
8 pm

16th November

18 YO whisky tasting

At this event, you can compare the 18 year old whiskey from the Highland and Islay regions. You will enjoy many flavors like sherry, berries, honey, citrus and of course just a little smoky peat (Talikser)
- Glenmorangie 18 YO
- Arran 18 YO
- Glendronah 18 YO
- Talisker
Entry: 30 lv.
Only 12 places available.


Old School Trombone

If asked to describe the sound of Villie Stoyanov's favorite trombone, most people who know him will probably use the words "powerful", "strong", "arrogant", "explosive", "monstrous". And that's not going to be a lie, because Villie has a very distinctive style of play that can hardly go unnoticed.

With this program, Villie wants to show you the other side of his trombone - gentle and romantic, accepting the challenge of showing the trombone as a solo tool. The old acquaintance of the Plovdiv musical scene - the virtuous pianist Milen Kukosharov – will help with his difficult task.

The program features works by Duke Ellington, Slide Hampton, Charlie Parker, Telonius Monk, and others with whom Villie walks through the streets of New Orleans and shows them how jazz sounded in the 1930s and 1940s. And with his cheerful character, Villie manages to recreate, apart from the energy of New Orleans, the typical Ragtime and Dixieland sound, but also the love of jazz, reggae, funky, hip-hop, and caries away the audience.

Bee Bop Café
9 pm

You play! You sing! You drink!

Have fun at the improvised karaoke/jam session! Vocal microphones for all, absolutely equipped set of drums! Guitarists and bassists bring their instruments! Let's sing, jam, play, and most of all, get drunk and have fun together!

Podleza Bar&Fun
8 pm