This week in Plovdiv we'll celebrate the birthdays of favorite bars

Photo: Georgi Matov

11th March

City Arbour: 100 years Bauhaus and Plovdiv today

OPEN ARTS Foundation presents 'City Arbour' as part of the program 100 years Bauhaus - Plovdiv, organized by Goethe-Institut Bulgarien. The arbour will host a discussion, in which will take part Katrin Sarieva, editor-in-chief of Alternative Map of Plovdiv and Teodor Karakolev from Bulgarian Modernist Architecture.

Immediately after the 'City Arbour' discussion the program in artnewscafe will continue with screening of the latest selection of experimental films (with highlight on media arts) from the Bauhaus Collection of Goethe-Institut.

6:30 pm

Neither Wolf Nor Dog

A white author gets sucked into the heart of contemporary Native American life in the sparse lands of the Dakota's by a 95-year-old Lakota elder and his side-kick.

LUCKY Cinema
7 pm

12th March

4 Years Club Fargo w/ DJ Desy

4 years, abundantly filled with great cocktails. 4 years of guest DJs, good music and dancing until late. 4 years of cinema screenings and discussions. These are 4 years of Fargo club!

This is a true story.

Fargo Club invites us to celebrate together. At the bar you can taste the special birthday cocktail. And the musical atmosphere will be in Desy's hands.

Fargo Club
8 pm

14th March

Cat & Mouse: 4th Birthday Party

Cat & Mouse invites us to celebrate their fourth birthday. Here’s what they’re saying:

„Cat and mouse began as a small space, literally a corridor filled with the most varied beer and spirits, with a lot of spirit, design, and optimism, in the heart of the old new district. At first, we enjoyed the quiet evenings filled with charm. We were alone on the cobblestones. Gradually we grew up and dived into the beer culture and many other things. Now Kapana has a new look and life, but our place is still here.

To keep the spirit of the beginning. To defend the idea of Kapana. To preserve aesthetics, architecture, and experience.

During these four hoppy years, we tasted dozens of beer types. We started with classical ales and Belgian classics, we went through all sorts of variants of our known beer styles, we tried a vast amount of aromatic IPA and APA, of course, we reached the sours. We have always focused on the new Bulgarian beers brewed by the smiling micro-brewers. We also created our own beer Cat and Mouse - ale with blackberries, session IPA and red ale. And we recently realized a long-thought project with our seasonal draft beer.

We discovered and rediscovered new tastes as we said CHEERS to you.“

Cat & Mouse
7 pm

Swingin' Thursdays in March

Thursdays don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!

Gingertale is the place where local swing mafiosos go. Every Thursday evening Kapana pulses under their dances and even the pavers move under the sound of jazz.

A mysterious mixed drink can be found at the bar, which can inspire every passer-by to try another drink and why not dance!

9:30 pm