This week in Plovdiv we'll listen to jazz, we'll dance and share some cocktails

Photo: dari_kudelina

26th November

No Sense Cocktail Night

Monday is considered the worst day of the week, so No Sense decided to make it at least a bit better. Every Monday you can enjoy different cocktails prepared by their bartenders!

No Sense
8 pm

28th November

Imagine Live

Imagine is seeing pictures and having feelings that you can’t reach through your five physical senses. This is the sixth sense that connects you to the magical power of the universe and gives you access to its infinite information. So the band, using the power of their imagination and their quest to discover new worlds, creates their music. In Imagine's songs, you can find the influence of musical genres such as soul, blues, reggae, alternative, trip-hop... but the band rather enjoys the freedom to create without style restrictions and addictions. The combination of voice, guitar, bass, and cajón creates a specific sound, full of depth and purity.

Bee Bop Cafe
9.30 pm
Entry: 8 BGN

The pleasure of sharing

The pleasure of sharing - a special jazz selection and a cocktail suggestion for two!

Wednesday evening can be different and inspirational. Enjoy the many jazz images with the specially themed selections of Gingertale - more or less familiar, classical and modern, from anywhere in the world. Let's share a cocktail with a loved one and try more... On Wednesday, selected Gingermenu cocktails will be available in glassed for two.

6 pm

29th November

Language Cafe - November 2018

The colder the weather is getting, the more we miss the summer and all the unforgettable summer parties and emotions. There may be nothing we can do, except to wait patiently (or not) until the summer comes, but we can do something about the parties and emotions!

At the Hawaiian party of Language cafe, we shall share our summer memories. We’ll laugh, meet new people and practice foreign languages.

Craft Bar
8 pm

Swingin' Thursdays in November

Every Thursday in Gingertale swing music will sound from dawn to darkness.
In the morning, we'll have coffee and we'll beat time. In the evenings we’ll have cocktails and we'll go crazy.

* Lindy Hop cocktail and Shim Sham mocktail at a special price
* Frequently passing swing mafiosos who can show you a step for a drink
* Free entry

10 am