Musical events and interesting exhibitions in Plovdiv this week

12th November

Black and white

"Black and white" is an expression which in itself needs no explanation, because it is more than comprehensible. The exhibition combines contrasting works in which, of course, the essentials come to life. Unlike the previous exhibition "In Search of Freedom," where, in addition to the theme and color, the young artists had freedom of interpretation, here black and white enter their complex and challenging essence. As a symbol of the desired balance, between the opposites that so skilfully slip us sometimes. As an expression of love, in which one emphasizes the other, and vice versa. In the best sense, as positive and negative, cold and warm, high and low. Or as good and evil, which are both sides of the same vessel.

6.30 pm

13th November

Bass Naroden in the House

This Tuesday you will hear an unexpected mix in dub session - the deep bass of dub reggae and the dancing, always beautiful melodies of Bulgarian folk music.

DJ Set: Nenko
Melodies, synthesizer: Vasil Uzunov

Absinthe House
8.30 pm
Free entry

Ivan Hristov-Groga - Exhibition of painting

On November 13, Ivan Hristov-Groga will open his thirteenth individual exhibition at the Aspect Gallery. In November 2006, the artist, completely unknown to Plovdiv, presented his paintings for the first time, filled with respect to the audience in the city under the hills. Since then, at the end of every year, he has not just been visiting Aspect gallery but also meeting his fans, because for thirteen years Groga has been able to create a large circle of loyal fans and buyers who look forward to every one of his appearances.

This year's exhibition includes all 22 paintings painted by the artist over the past year with the idea, as it is tradition, to be presented in Aspect. Even though he is 76 years old, he works actively and doesn’t relinquish his high aesthetic criteria and his precise hyperrealistic style, dedicating on every canvas as much effort and time as is necessary for a perfect result. In the predominantly small and medium format, the exhibition combines the artist’s favorite winter landscapes, still life and portraits of birds.

Aspect Gallery
13 November – 4 December
Opening: 13 November, 6 pm

14th November

Roger Ballen. Archetypes

One of the most important photographers of the 21 century - the American Roger Ballen is coming to Bulgaria for the first time in order to open his retrospective exhibition "Archetypes".

More than 100 black and white photographs from 7 series made between 1982 and 2014 will be exhibited at the City Art Gallery-Plovdiv. The show comments some of the most common archetypal states of the human psyche and leads us from dark to light, from absurdity to irony, from despair to spiritual release.

"My images are pervaded by symbols from the deeper levels of the human subconscious. This place is untameable; has its own rules and functions according to its own laws. My photographs link my own interior with the outside world. Nevertheless, there are infinite possibilities and it is up to me to organize the world through the camera. I am basically one who organizes visual chaos into visual coherency," says Ballen.

Opening: November 14, Wednesday, 6:30 pm
Artist talk by Roger Ballen at SKLAD (16 Ekzarh Yosif Str., Tobacco City): November 14, Wednesday, 8:30 pm

The exhibition is part of the cultural calendar of Plovdiv municipality and is supported by Plovdiv 2019 - European Capital of Culture

City art gallery
14 November – 5 December
Opening:  14 November, 6.30 pm

The pleasure of sharing

The pleasure of sharing - a special jazz selection and a cocktail suggestion for two!

Wednesday evening can be different and inspirational. Enjoy the many jazz images with the specially themed selections of Gingertale - more or less familiar, classical and modern, from anywhere in the world. Let's share a cocktail with a loved one and try more... On Wednesday, selected Gingermenu cocktails will be available in glassed for two.

6 pm

15th November

The exhibition

The Ojo de Dios or The Eye of God (Spanish) is an Indian spiritual amulet woven from colored yarn and wood. Weaving is an ancient and contemplative spiritual practice of the local American population. It is believed that the roots of the Ojo de Dios come from the peoples of Pueblo. Traditionally, they have been created for a celebration or blessing as a gift or to protect the home. When a child is born in the tribe, the central eye is weaved by the father, and then one eye is added to each child's year until they turn five. In ritual use, this is the face of the Sun, the Earth, the deer, the eagle, the wind, the peyote, the one who creates it. The spiritual eye has the power to see what is beyond the physical, the incomprehensible, the unknown, the mystery.

6.18 pm