The events in Plovdiv this week include dance, music and art

17th July

Piano Battle

The German virtuosos Andreas Kern and Paul Cibis are Piano Battle. They go on stage face-to-face enchanting the audience with masterful performances of classical works.

On the stage of the Ancient Theater Plovdiv, they will make the orchestra of the State Opera Plovdiv part of their "battle". The various sections of the orchestra become the virtuoso's aids in their rivalry.

The orchestra has an important role but the final decision is taken by the audience. Andreas Kern and Paul Cibis invite all those in the hall to vote whose performance they like more. The goal is to choose a winner of the evening!

Listen to Rachmaninov vs. Chopin, Mozart vs. Wagner and even the Star Wars saga!

Ancient Theatre
9 pm

18th July

Kizomba Nights @Vintage House

Traditional Kizomba parties at Vintage House continue. Let's dive into the rhythm of the music, feel the magic of the dance and, most importantly, have fun.

The only thing you have to bring is your good mood, which will be complemented by many dances, emotions, and smiles.

Vintage House
9 pm

Exhibition by Boris Kovachev

COMMA Gallery invites us to immerse ourselves in the world of Boris Kovachev, a serious author with an experimental spirit.

COMMA Gallery
7.30 pm