Small theatre from the end of the world, live music and more - here are the most exciting events in Plovdiv this week

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5th June

The Meridian - The Small Theater From The End Of The World

The small theatre from the end of the world is a laboratory for contemporary puppet theatre of the Theatre de la Massue – companie Ezequiel Garcia Romeu.

In Plovdiv the Theatre de la Massue - Ezequiel Garcia Romeu is going to present unusual point of view.

The small theatre from the end of the world… Opus II takes the spectator on a meander through corridors towards a small black box. He - then sits down on a tiny chair.

There, he attends a hypnotizing performance alone: the smallest theatre in the world that tells the shortest and the greatest history of the world. In three movements, the puppet shows you all the life of humanity: its birth, its life and its disappearance in the bosom of the universe.

Everything happens as if in a dream. This miniature seems to speak and transmit a message from the depths of the ages and seems to act in the depths of the mind of the spectator, where all these questions are based.

When each one has received his share of representation, it will belong to him, before leaving, to transform his individual impressions into collective memory.

Old Bath
The performance date: 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th of June 2018
12 o’clock/ 1.30 pm / 7 pm / 8.30 pm
Entrance: Free with registration through telephone +359 877 51 44 00

6th June

Exhibition "Road of the Young"

Galina Aleksandrova, Kalina Milanova, Stoyan Kavalov and Yavor Kostadinov are the authors of the group exhibition "Road of the Young".

We could call this exhibition "Unity". The works of the four are united by a common impression, regardless of the means of expression. It is not the form that is leading, but what is in it - the thoughts, the emotions, the moods of the young authors.

The White House
6.30 pm

Become an Effective Meeting Leader with BizLabsToastmastersClub

Here is what to expect from a Toastmasters meeting:
You will hear two or three prepared speeches by the members, then the evaluators will make their best to point out the best parts of these speeches and what could be improved. You, as a guest, will have the opportunity to learn how a feedback should be given. After a short break, it is time for improvisation on a topic that you won't be prepared - this is the part of the meeting in which the guest will have the chance to challenge themselves by taking part of it.

7 pm
Free entry

7th June

M.O.R.T. /Croatia/ live in Plovdiv an uncompromising punk-blues band from Sinj, (Croatia) with intense sound and unrestrained live performances. The band was founded by three friends, John, Zvrk, and Kikos, in autumn of 2003. In late 2012, drummer Mile joins them on recording a full demo album called ̋Vrhunsko dno ̋, that is released during the summer of 2013. Since then, they have been performing all over Croatia, Bosnia, and Herzegowina, Slovenia and Montenegro, whether as participants of various festivals or independently, with over 200 gigs in four years. Among festival performances, the one which stands out is definitely Jelen Demofest in Banja Luka, where they won first place, just like they did at Rock Off. They also got into the finale of HR demo club in 2012 and won third place on WHF in 2013.

Their second album “Odjel za žešće”, which received both excellent reviews and title of “the album of the year“, is released in July 2014. In the beginning of 2015, the band is nominated for Porin awards (Croatian music award) in the “new performer“ category. With their third official album “Tužna kocka”, released on 1stof April 2016., once again they receive critical acclaim which got them to the top of the regional music industry.

While releasing their albums and working on new material, the band is continuously touring, spreading their energy and their music.

Bee Bop Café
9.30 pm

Swingin' Thursday

Every Thursday in Gingertale swing music will sound from dawn to darkness.
In the morning, we'll have coffee and we'll beat time. In the evenings we’ll have cocktails and we'll go crazy.

* Lindy Hop cocktail and Shim Sham mocktail at a special price
* Frequently passing swing mafiosos who can show you a step for a drink
* Free entry

10 am