This week, the city is full of life and interesting events that are not to be missed

Photo: veronique.ivanova

2nd April

European culture through the strings of the harp

"European Culture Through Harp Strings" is a master class of Prof. Susanna Klincharova

In the program works from:
A. de Cabezon, J. Samartini, G. de Susa Carvallo, J. Thomas, A. Hasselmans, H. Trnecek, G. Arnaudov (premiere)

With the special participation of Prof. Susanna Klincharova, Honorary Professor of NBU
Harp: Dr. Kohar Andonian, Merry Trichkova, Iliana Selimska Lily Stoeva Alexandrina Kushinchanova, Anna- Maria Rizova, Faith Raicheva Victoria Markova, Ivaylo Todorov, Inella Chergova, Bojana Bozhilova Maria Gigova, Nicole Samareva

Creative team:
prof. Susanna Klintcharova, prof. Lyudmil Hristov, Assoc. Prof. Elena Ivanova, Assoc. Prof. Georgi Arnaudov, Prof. Dr. Milena Shushulov Dr. Kohar Andonian, Ralitsa Ruseva, Petar Petrov, Martin Stoyanov

Large Salon of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
7 pm
Free entry

3rd April

Tuesday Hip-Hop Night

Fabric bar provides all hip-hop fans with the opportunity to hear their favorite tracks.

Fabric Bar
6 pm

4th April


Are you tired of the dull work atmosphere, the boring everyday life, the boring musical scene? Take a dose of techno in the middle of the week, combined with the right drinks and the company of the right people. If it doesn’t help - it doesn’t hurt!

Groove Music&Art
9 pm

5th April

Awesome 80's on Vinyl

Just before the holidays, we’ll meet at Groove Music & Art to dance. There will be records of hits from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. There will be disco, pop, funk, jazz, blues, rock'n'roll, and popular Bulgarian music.

Groove Music&Art
9 pm

Embryo live in Plovdiv at Bee Bop Café

Formed in 1969 in Germany by Christian Burchard (1946 - 2018) and Edgar Hoffman. One of the most original and innovative Krautrock bands, Embryo is fusing traditional music with their own jazzy space rock style. They played with the great Jazz pianist Mal Waldron, saxophone player Charlie Mariano, world stars like Trilok Gurtu, Fela Kuti and many others.

Since 2016 Christian Burchard´s daughter: Marja, born 1985, who grew up with the Band, is leading Embryo. She bring´s new Energy but with the same Spirit.

Jazz, Rock, Ethno Melodies, Rhythms and Improvisations are fusing into a new Sound never heard before. It’s pure music.

Also with the new Generation Embryo keeps flowing on and on.

Bee Bop Café
9.30 pm