This week Plovdiv will speak 21 languages. There will also be street stories and a lot of jazz


19th February

Photo exhibition Street Stories

At the Street Stories photo exhibition of the young Plovdiv photographer Alexander Karamfilov, we will see the black and white work of a Plovdiver who, with a melancholic or playful wink, suggests that the world in which we live in, especially the street, is not only gray, but you can also find the colorful in it as long as you open your eyes wide.

Craft bar
7 pm

20th February

Board games for newbies

Have the rules of a game ever sounded like Egyptian to you!? Rise of Dice will present games that are suitable for introduction in board games. Games that you can present to your acquaintances, friends or strangers and grab their attention… Games that don’t sound like Egyptian.

Podleza Bar&Fun
6.30 pm

21st February

Multilingual cultural and musical program

At the initiative of the Bulgarian-Turkish Literary Club a holiday with a multilingual cultural and musical program will be held, which will involve representatives of different communities in the city and foreign students from Plovdiv higher schools. They will read an excerpt from the Exupéry story tale, published for the first time 75 years ago. The famous work is translated into 210 languages, and that is why the organizers choose it. The event is under the patronage of District Governor Zdravko Dimitrov and the Consul General of the Republic of Turkey in Plovdiv Hussein Ergani. The idea of the celebration is to emphasize the deserved role of all languages in building cultural identity and creativity. Participants will present traditional music and dancing for their country.

Regional Administration Plovdiv
6 pm


Traditional jazz meetings at the Arsenal of Art Gallery continue.

Arsenal of Art Gallery
7.30 pm

VINARIA – City of wine 2018

The International Exhibition of Viticulture and Wine Production VINARIA is the leader in business forums for the branch not only in Bulgaria but also in Southeastern Europe. It presents collections of wine cellars and ways to offer attractive products and shows new technologies and equipment to create vines, grow and process grapes, pack and store products.

Plovdiv InternationalFair
21-25 February

22nd February

Jazztory Phineas Newborn

Phineas Newborn is one of the most brilliant, but unfortunately, one of the most underestimated jazz pianists. His career fails to reach the heights he deserves. Jazz critics ruin him, writing that his style is superficial, but the musicians know very well that this is a lie. It hurts him emotionally and worsens his health, which stops him from creating and leaving enough musical heritage. Still, he has great records that show he was an exceptional improviser.

Jazztory want to show us those people in the history of jazz, not just those whose lives have been filled with glamor and glory. The art of Phineas will be presented by the talented Bulgarian pianist Theodor Petkov, who has long appreciated Phineas and has fallen in love with his virtuoso and yet fine and elegant style.

Bee Bop Café
9.30 pm

Fabric Swing Night

Another unforgettable experience with selected drinks and dances under the sounds of Pierre MA guitar and saxophone by Venelin Georgiev awaits us this Thursday!

FabricBar Plovdiv
8 pm

Language Cafe - February 2018

In February some nations celebrate St. Valentine’s day – the day of Love. Here in Bulgaria, we celebrate the day of Wine – St. Trifon Zarezan. So what could be better than celebrating both at the same time – let's meet all together in Kanape to taste different kinds of Bulgarian wines and share the love in many different languages!

What can #LanguageCafe give to you:
- An opportunity to practice foreign languages with native speakers
- Many new contacts and friendships with young and energetic people
- Never-to-be-forgotten experience
- An opportunity to learn more about JCI Plovdiv and how you can become part of the positive change in our city.

KANAPE - Vibrant Media
8 pm