This week in Plovdiv we're going to write drunk and edit sober, and we're going to ask four questions

8th January

How to be healthy in a sick world?

Every day from Monday to Thursday - lectures and seminars on physical, mental and spiritual health. Live meetings with specialists in health, relationships, spirituality, and others.

Novo Zdrave
5.30 pm

9th January

Write Drunk, Edit Sober

Drinkers with a writing problem will be meeting up once again for its weekly creative sessions! Start 2018 off with a collective buzz about creative writing!

7 pm

10th January

Beer Pong турнир @Podleza bar&fun

The time has come for a Beer Pong tournament at Podleza bar&fun! Go thirsty and hungry for victory! There will be prizes for the best team! You can sign up by 8.30 pm on the day of the tournament or by writing to their page.

Podleza bar&fun
8 pm
Entry for a team (2 people): 10 lv.

Kizomba Nights at Vintage House RELOADING

We start the new Kizomba party season in Vintage House. Let's dive into the rhythm of the music, feel the magic of the dance and have fun.
The only thing you have to wear is your good mood, which will be complemented by many dances, emotions, and smiles.

Vintage House
9.30 pm
Free entry

11th January

4 Questions - Live

After a very long pause, more than a year after the last appearance in Plovdiv and joining a new member of the group ...
Rock Bar Download presents:
4 Questions – Live

Rock Bar Download
10 pm
Entry: 7 lv.