This week in Plovdiv we're going deer hunting. We're also going to enjoy a gothic party and go back to the past with a special drink

Photo credit: Angelina Markova

18th December


This Monday we’re going deer hunting and in the spirit of the upcoming holidays and the cold nights, we’re going to pay attention to the most herbal and warming drink in the bar, namely the Jägermeister.
For the Monday cocktail night of No Sense, in addition to the traditional Shots and Jäger Bombs, they’ve also prepared various cocktails and combinations with the favorite Jaegermeister.

No Sense
7.30 pm

Katya Chausheva - painting and photography

Katya Chausheva is known as a photographer with her own unique style, stories, feeling of composition, color and light. These qualities she boldly transfers to a new field of creativity and experimentation - oil painting. Labyrinth Gallery is the site of her first painting exhibition!

Labyrinth Gallery
6.30 пм

Gothic Party @Podleza bar&fun

Podleza bar&fun invites us to a Gothic night with musical selection among gothic and industrial metal, gothrock and darkwave genres. Put on your black nail polish.

Podleza bar&fun
9 pm
Free entry

20th December

Rakia Retro in Jazz Club Contrabass

It is often the case that we come to talk about how less and less we communicate with each other. Reasons are being sought in more dynamic life, big stress, new technology, long distances, in the short time... It feels like we are alienating and spending more time in front of the computers, with a phone rather than a friend on a walk or sitting with a quality drink. This caused a strong longing - to turn to the past, to look for the beauty of communication, the candles on the table, the conversations for whole nights in front of the fire or under the stars.

The Retro brand was created with the desire to remind us of an era when everything was perhaps slightly naive but simpler and even romantic. The creators were looking for a connection with this time when the conversations were eye-catching and the cinema was outdoors; the connection to memories that will continue to warm us.

Enjoy Retro Rakia with a fine bouquet of gentle grape aromas, intertwined with nostalgia notes of vanilla, caramel, chocolate and obtained from long aging in fine oak barrels.

Bar Contrabass
9 pm

21st December

Next Step Trio @Bee Bop Café

The final concert of the trio this year will be at Bee Bop Café. The trio is about to record an album next year and will present a program with original music.


Bee Bop Café
9.30 pm

The art of Japanese Malt voll.3 #СандъкЪ

The theme of the last tasting for the year at the Sandak Bar is The Art of Japanese Malt. Hardly anybody doubts the qualities and perfection of the Japanese "water of life". We will taste the following malts:

Pure Malt Red /Nikka/
Pure Malt Black /Nikka/
Single Malt Yoichi /Nikka/
The Hakushu-Single malt 12 YO /slightly smoked/
and a surprise from the bar
35 lv.

Bar Sandak
8 pm