This weekend in Plovdiv you can enjoy live music, original cocktails and retro movies

17th November


One theatre performance based on an “untrue story”. One apartment. One table. One bed. One bathroom. Two women… And а teapot. Who are they? What are they? How? Tragicomic horror? Freezing farce? Or maybe backwards? You decide.

Kanape, Sound trap
8 pm

Ostava Acoustic Live

The most loving band in Bulgaria will play in Vintage House for the first time. We’ll enjoy the favorite songs of generations of fans of alternative music.

Vintage House
8 pm
Entry: 12 lv.

Fusion TOUR 2017: Merudia + Balkan Khans

Merudia and Balkan Khans unite! Oratnitza and Kottarashky will come after them.

- 4 bands
- 9 towns all over Bulgaria
- More than 30 concerts
- 2 months

Be a part of the fusion adventure.

Club Void
9 pm
Entry: 10 lv.

Bourbon Night & American Rock ‘n‘ Roll

Bar Sandak dedicates Friday night to the American rock'n'roll of the 60's and the bourbon whiskey. They have prepared a great variety of bourbon, as well as different ways of tasting it and combining it with interesting appetizers.

8 pm

Urban Stories

Urban Stories is a series of selector Juanito, devoted to his love of rock'n'roll music in all forms. The brand new version of Rock Bar Download will host the event. An exciting walk through the debris of guitar music, garnished with abundant quantities of alcohol. There is a serious threat from very small green cups filled with Jagermeister.

Rock Bar Download
10 pm

Arctic Monkeys Tribute Show

The cool Atomic Actors will make a magnificent show in Plovdiv filled with the songs of their favorite Arctic Monkeys. On November 17, fans of the Monkeys will hear the hits "R U Mine?", "Arabella", "Brianstorm" and much more during the high-energy concert in Petnoto. For several years Atomic have been transformed into their favorite band and crazed audiences all over the country, and it's time to happen again under the hills. In addition, the people from Varna will delight the fans with several selected original songs, which put them at the top of the young indie bands in Bulgaria.

Rorschach’s Ink
9 pm
Entry: 6 lv.

No Sense Presents: Mad Ting by Dolittle

To all fans of rap, grime, trap и RNB! Our friend DOLITTLE is back to present you with a memorable Friday!

No Sense
10 pm
Free entry


This Friday in club Fargo is Mironov with carefree selection, full of groovy mood and his favorite tracks of recent decades. And at the bar you will be welcomed with original cocktail suggestions with homemade ingredients and lots of smiles.

Club Fargo
9 pm

Deviouz - Podleza bar&fun

Deviouz from Varna have prepared an energetic night in Podleza Bar&Fun, don’t miss it!

Podleza Bar&Fun
9 pm

Quince Weekend

Quince is the key to tasty autumn cocktails! This weekend is Barber&Cat's last fruity weekend and, as you probably guessed, it will be with the special participation of the quince. The bartenders have prepared a couple of great quince cocktails and, of course, quince desserts. Let’s send autumn away and tune in to winter and cold days!

17 – 19 November

18th November

No Sense Presents: Art of Peer Pressure

For Saturday No Sense have prepared a thrilling mix of Old School and New School hip hop! Mr. Nice Guy and SLAV are responsible for the music, the bartenders – for the drinks, but for your participation - you!

No Sense
11 pm
Free entry

Retro movie night: "Doctor NO"

Dr. No is the first James Bond movie. His mission takes him to Jamaica, where mysterious energy waves disturb the military attempts at the American base. With the help of the CIA elite agent, Felix Leiter and the wonderful Honey Ryder, looking for Doctor No's headquarters, a fanatical scholar who tries to trigger an evil plan to conquer the world. Only James Bond, with his brilliant mind, charm and skill, can save the human race from its evil fate ...

7.30 pm
Free entry

Mixology #4: Happy Pig

The fourth edition of Mixology will be impressive because two key figures from the Happy Pig Food & Cocktails team, the Sofia restaurant, in which they like to challenge our taste with unique dishes and beverages come at Fargo again.

This Saturday, behind the bar, we will see the charming Greti, who will enchant your taste buds with special cocktails for the evening. The chef and melomaniac Jun "Disco Pigg" Yoshida will make us a delicious musical selection predisposing to stormy dances.

Club Fargo
9 pm

AC/DC tribute by Rock'N'Roll Train

"Rock'N'Roll Train" will make one high-speed AC/DC tribute.

10.30 pm


Attila is one of those who have made their choice a long, long time. The choice that leaves you in the critical side of life, in the country of informed suffering and in the unique position of "opinion." We are still wondering exactly when the decision to be from "those" is made. We only know that Attila is from "our" ones.

He creates music based on his own experience, a context set by himself. Full self-analysis and arguments sculptured by memories. One of the few ways in which text-based music is guaranteed to excite. Let us not forget the dose of truth - an unconditional partner of his lyrics.

Evil warm-up set: WORST
Little brother on the mic: R.O.S.

Post-culture Stage
Doors: 10 pm
Entry: 6 lv.

Let's draw in Otsreshta

Let's draw are informal meetings of amateurs, beginners and professionals taking place almost every Saturday in Otsreshta - the best place to meet and work in Plovdiv. The idea is to meet, draw and discuss interesting topics.

2 pm
Free entry

Nameless Day Ritual

Nameless Day Ritual is one of the sensational phenomena for the BG scene. The band opened for BLS, Karnivool and Jinjer on the native scene. In 2016 it was among the selected bands at the Slovenian metal festival "MetalDays". The band is an intriguing mix of heavy styles and soon returned from participating in the prestigious Euroblast program in Cologne, Germany, where they shared the stage with Devin Townsend; Twelve foot ninja; Textures; Sleep makes waves; The Hirsch Effect and many other leading names in the genre.

Tickets are limited (150) and can be bought in advance at the bar at the price of 8 lv. On the day of the concert they will be 10 lv.

Rock Bar Download
Doors: 9 pm

Nearly dog inna the house (strictly vinyl selection)

Once again Nearly dog is inna the house with his wicked vinyl selection of world groove tunes
Asia, Africa, some islands, South America or wherever... The trip begins on Saturday...

Absinthe House
9 пм

19th November

November Plovdiv vinyl bazar

November Plovdiv жинъл бazaar is to be held. The tradition continues in November. Organizer and initiator is again Vinyl's Homeplace "Soul Searchin'.
The place where the bazaar is held is well-known to all the musicians and collectors who attend this kind of events, namely: Bee Bop Café.

Bee Bop Café
11.30 am

Spectrum Music Lab - Sunday Guitar Workshop

Spectrum Music Lab is a project of guitarists Svetlin Staykov, Atanas Shishkov and Milen Dimitrov. There will be original music, covers as well as jam tracks.

Bee Bop Café
5 pm
Free entry