This weekend we'll take our skateboards and go back to the nineties. We will also listen to some trap, drink Guinness and Irish whiskey. And there's more

Photo: Georgi Matov

15th March

Buckshot at The Post vol.2

This Friday, at The Post, will be DJ Buckshot. Accomplished on the local scene, he will enchant you with a fresh selection of Soul, Funk, and Afro Tracks.

The Post
9 pm

YokoLove & DGP at BALLY CLUB

This Friday YokoLove & DGP will take care of the good mood. Their musical style is the epitome of the deep and loving side of the new deep/tech sound. In their selection, you will hear melodic and vocal deep/tech with deep bass lines going through rhythmic and dynamic groovy tech, sometimes with Spanish and Oriental elements reaching underground and tech house sound. They create impressive LIVE sets that attract attention with dynamic and provocative musical selection because they skillfully use their talents and imagination.

Bally Club
9 pm


Friday night the music is from Stoyo. A rare opportunity to enjoy the varied and colorful selection presented by one of the serious vinyl collectors in Bulgaria.

Fargo Club
9 pm

Vinyl Friday

The traditional event at Groove Music & Art, where music is vinyl-only. It will be hot on the dance floor on Friday night when we’ll listen to our favorite vinyls of Perfecto, Baroque, Enhanced, Global Underground, Vapour Recordings, Yoshitoshi and many others.

Groove Music&Art
9 pm

Dash the Effort feat. 40 Days Later

A double concert is coming on the stage of Rock Bar Download! Get ready for an evening people will talk about for a long time!

Dash the Effort was created in 2011 by the guitarist Joro and after their debut on stage, they haven’t stopped their activity! The band has released an EP called Polar Dawn (2015) and recently released debut their first debut album, Decadence (2018).

The band is one of the most active leading bands in Bulgaria for its genre, interweaving heavy metal reefs with ambient electronics and both heavy and clean vocals.

40 Days Later is a band from Sofia, founded in 2008. The band underwent many transformations until it reached its present composition and style.

The band's Djent/Metalcore sound combines heavy and clean vocals with electronic “padding” that gives 40 Days Later its personality. Besides the numerous tours and concerts in Bulgaria, the band has shared a stage with bands such as Monuments, Vola and Kadinja.

Rock Bar Download
10 pm
Entry: 10 BGN

16th March

Mixology #15 Home Edition

In the new fifteenth edition of the series of Mixology events dedicated to cocktail art, we will challenge our taste buds with four cocktails, specially prepared and presented exclusively by the bartender team of the Fargo Club.

Fargo Club
9 pm

Reggae Drum&Bass

Saturday night at Groove Music & Art is dedicated to rhythmic music. Parapitek and Alcoholiday will stand together again with a good and natural selection of numerous "bananas". We’ll begin smoothly with reggae and move on to the energetic Drum & Bass, able to make even the pavement in Kapana dance!

Groove Music&Art
9 pm


This Saturday Pepo will take care of the good mood of the guests at Bally Club. He’s always well prepared to surprise the audience in the best way. He is well known by fans of electronic club culture as one of the most respected DJs and successful producers in Bulgaria.

Bally Club
9 pm

Mid90s hip-hop skate party

This Saturday, behind the decks at Post-Culture Stage, will be movieman for a thematic hip-hop skate party inspired by Jonah Hill's Mid90s (2018) and his music. On the screen, we will see a series of skate videos and compilations, as well as specially shot footage. The music will be hip-hop, mostly from the nineties.

Post-Culture Stage
9 pm
Entry: 3 BGN

It's a TRAP! Plovdiv Vol. 5

New Year, new luck, new It's a TRAP!, new city!

It's a TRAP! comes to Plovdiv to put on the trap in Kapana.

That's the truth.

On March 16 we pick up and land directly in the city under the hills rock it with wild TRAP!

The task is simple - we take @Marrtom and he “takes your heads off” as he did on the previous four editions of It's a TRAP! and every Friday of the WE TRAP series in EXE.

We're making it even easier, because, along with @Marrtom, @Tyrbo.22 of 22 Recordings will also come.

This means you have almost no chance of getting away.

The whole thing will happen not just anywhere, but in one of the temples of this sound in Plovdiv - SOUND.TRAP.

10:30 pm
Entry: 5 BGN

St. Patrick's Day with Pikebass

This Saturday, The Post invites us to a party, where we all will support the "green brothers" or the Irish in welcoming St. Patrick's Day. That is why Guinness is a must! And it will be there! And not only will you be able to enjoy the most cherished Irish beer, but you will receive a Tullamore Dew XO shot as a bonus with every beer you order.

Behind the decks, with his fresh selection, will be Pikebass, and Mihail Uzunov will take care of your thirst.

The Post
9 pm