This weekend in Plovdiv we will love, celebrate together the variety of local tastes and tell magic stories

Cover photo: Bally Club

15th February

"Women in Urban and Rural Areas" - traveling photo exhibition

The project “Women in Urban and Rural Areas” organized a traveling exhibition in five regions of Bulgaria - Plovdiv, Pazardjik, Smolyan, Kardzhali, Haskovo in September 2018. - March 2019, which visualizes the everyday life of Bulgarian women, promotes their localities and provokes a discussion about the role of women in society.

Through the power of photography and oral history techniques, the project aims to create an alternative story for those traditionally deprived of such - women from rural areas, poor women, minority women, elderly women and disabled, but also sealed leaders who change their communities. It will give voice to the individual experiences and experiences of the women participating in the exhibition on socially important themes such as "education", "work", "culture", "family", we will construct a new "collective memory" and understanding. Thus, we will question what is historically important, and we will provoke and encourage local discussions about the (traditional) role of women in our society - what is visible and what not, who are the "heroes of the day" and how they move society.

Community Center Aleko Konstantinov – Plovdiv

6 – 7 pm

ПРОГГ B-Day Special - Plamen K B2B Pink Tsonk

ПРОГГ is an unpretentious B2B music project by Plamen K and Pink Tsonk. The idea is to show the modern underground progressive sound. As you can see from the name music will be mainly progressive house / tech house / techno.

Groove Music & Art Kapana

9 pm – 03 am

Ostava Live in Concert After The Valentine's Day @Bee Bop Café

Only a day after February 14, Bulgaria's most loving group, returns to Bee Bop Café for a special life inspired by the Dimensions of Love. They invite you to love and listen to some of the band's most famous love songs!

The evening will be full of the most lyrical and beautiful melodies. In fact, when Svilen, Joro, Sasho, Bobby and Danny are on stage, each song is on the frequencies of love.

Tickets: - 15 bgn pre-sale, 20 bgn - on the day of the concert and on the spot

Bee Bop Café

10 pm – 01 am

Vanina at BALLY CLUB 

On Feb. 15, behind the BallyClub panel, will be a young, talented and extremely ambitious DJ - Vanina. Influenced by the spirit of German club culture, for more than 10 years, she has evolved into  her individual style and sound, making the parties memorable over time.


9 pm – 4 am

16th February

Slow Food Plovdiv Fest

Plovdiv is not only rich in history and culture, but also in culinary traditions.
Slow Food Plovdiv and Farmer Market Plovdiv invite you on the 16th of February to celebrate the variety of local tastes #together!

The event will include meetings with experts in gastronomic culture from Italy, Albania and Bulgaria, a farmers market and tastings of traditional home-made food from the Plovdiv region.

Slow Food Plovdiv Fest is organized by the Foundation in partnership with Slow Food in Bulgaria, Slow Food International, Regional Administration Plovdiv, Regional Development Agency with BSC for SMEs, Plovdiv Municipality - Central Region, Plovdiv Municipality - Thrace Region and Restaurant Central. The event is part of the program of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019 / Plovdiv 2019 ECOC.

Central Events, 32 Knyaz Alexander Str

09 am – 19 pm

Lindy Hop Plovdiv's 3rd Birthday Party

It doesn't matter if you are already dancing or not, you are welcome to join us to our party! You will feel the unique and recharging atmosphere of the swing dancing. Gingertale is the place, that vibrates in our rhythm and Asya Vladimirova will be responsible for the fine musical selection! As this is an extraordinary gathering, more DJ-s are to be soon announced! The talented photographer Никола Гюлмезов will capture the many unforgettable dancing moments!

Gingertale Bar

9:30 pm – 03 am

'The Tale inside Me' / workshop on 'Cinderella'

Magic stories have a lesson that hides the mechanisms for solving life problems. The project ‘The Tale inside Me’ is based on this idea and part of the program of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019 / Plovdiv 2019 ECOC. The entrance is free for all the guests and there is no age limit for the participants. The workshops feature magical tales, each one tells how one goes through various life hurdles and what are the common and individual, visible and invisible ways of overcoming them. They are going to be presented to and with the audience, and the actors will decide on what role and at what stage of the narrative they should include.

In a darkened room, participants distribute the roles and play the fairy tale as a theater. Some participants have words, but they all go through the various stage of the fairy tale. Through the symbolic codes of astrology, Krasi Kircheva "translates" the story from "symbolic language" into "living language". After the workshop – on the outside, emotional memory carries a happy outcome into the lives of the participants.

When: 16 Feb ‘Cinderella’, 15h

Where: U PARK Gallery "U-Park" Gallery, 24 Otets Paisiy Str

Entrance: free / capacity up to 30 people /

Moderator: Krasimira Kircheva

The event is held in a darkened room with UV lighting.
Recommended clothing: with bright outerwear

U PARK Gallery

3 – 5:30 pm


After so many years behind the panel, DJ ROCCO does not need a presentation. One of the well-known DJs in the city under the hills, who is always ready to take care of the maximum good mood of the guests!


9 pm – 4 am

17th February

Stop the Schizo LIVE at Bee Bop Cafe 

Sofia's pop-rock retro-future bio-metal band Stop the Schizo arrives in the city of love and culture #pLOVEdiv for boutique live in the everyone’s favorite Bee Bop Cafe. Come together to say No! to the quiet and peaceful Sunday nights on the couch in front of the TV.

Stop the Schizo is an independent music formation founded in 2014 in Sofia. The band has two studio mini-albums - Start (2016) and Extended Glorious Splendor (2018) - and two video clips.

Bee Bop Café

8 – 11 pm