This weekend we'll indulge in delicious food combined with a wonderful drink. And in order not to be full eggoists, we'll contribute to an open source project

5th October

Dub Session at Groove

This Friday at Groove Music & Art we will focus on a less popular style in electronic music. DUB is a very broad concept, although the style is minimalist and simple and at first sight even basic. We will go through different varieties of dub along with selector PARAPITEK feat. NENKO.

Groove Music&Art
9 pm

Electric Orpheus Promo Party

Electric Orpheus is back in an urban setting. We're going to warm up for the autumn edition on October 20th.

Musical selection by Common Future Team.

Special guest: jOObba.

Fargo Club
9 pm

Sharp Party

The DJ of Kapana will be a postman this week in order to sharpen the situation at The Post. There will be a lot of rap and the party is guaranteed.

The bartenders will tempt you with great alcoholic offers so don’t even think about it and get ready for a party.

The Post
9.30 pm

6th October

ONE DANCE WEEK: АТМА (world premiere)

АТМА is an international co-production of ONE DANCE WEEK, Вig Story Performing Arts Services and Centre Cívic Barceloneta.

АТМА is a strong call to the animal nature of the human. Danae Dimitriadi and Dionysios Alamanos are making a dance plea to the human, the first among all living species to rule over and exploit nature. Merging their bodies to present symbolic animals, Danae and Dionysios will tell stories about survival, the primal desire to dominate and the vulnerabilities that determine a simple principle - the stronger one always wins.

Using rhythm, shadows, and minimalism, Danae and Dionysios are taking us to a dream-like space where the human superiority over animals does not exist. This might be a utopia, but these bright dancers invite us at least to imagine it. What if it was true?

“As long as humans continue to be the ruthless destroyer of other beings, we will never know health or peace. For as long as people massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, those who sow the seed of murder and pain will never reap joy or love.” - Pythagoras

Boris Hristov House of Culture
7.30 pm
Tickets are available for purchase in the EPAYGO online system:

Expectations "Bye-Bye Youth" Album Promo + Vzriv and Delate

Expectations will present their new albu, "Bye-Bye Youth" at the Post-Culture Stage in Plovdiv! Special guests at the event will be Vzriv and Delate! During the concert there will be CDs and vinyls with the album, as well as brand new designs of the band's merch.

Post-culture Stage
8 pm

Liquid Groovez

This Saturday at Groove Music & Art we'll dive into the depths of Drum & Bass. The musical selection will include Liquid, EDM instrumentals, and the most melodic vocals. From the bar, they will take care of our good mood with cocktail offers and a selection of beer for every taste.

Groove Music&Art
9 pm

Unwritten Stories | Ebbesen

On Saturday we’ll dance to the sounds of Ebbesen, with whom we will go through disco, boogie, house, afro rhythms.

The Post
9 pm

Special R&B Night x IAMV x Kanape 6/10 Sat

IAMV or Mr V. returns to his favorite location in Kapana - KANAPE - Vibrant Media. After his last spring visit, the musical cavalier is back with recharged vibrations, which he can’t wait to share with you - the fans of quality RnB, soul, and hip-hop music.

KANAPE - Vibrant Media
10 pm

7th October

Hacktoberfest Plovdiv

Hacktoberfest is an event that promotes open-source code and encourages contributing to it.

The rules of Hacktoberfest are simple: in October, you'll be making 5 pull requests to public open source projects at GitHub. The award is a glory and a cool T-shirt. The global event takes place thanks to GitHub, DigitalOcean and Twilio.

Three reasons to come on Sunday:
* If you are an open source user or a developer but have never contributed to an open source project to do it
* If you are making the first steps in programming - come to learn more about git
* If you are an experienced developer but have never done the GitHub Pull Request – come to see how it works

The event is free, no pre-registration is required. If you can, bring a laptop.

2.30 pm