The last September days in Plovdiv are going to be a three-day party - cool DJ sets, live music and more

28th September

Kapana fest autumn '18

Now that summer is over it’s once again time to turn Kapana into an artistic paradise! The flags are ready and below them, there are fresh and new and already favorite wonderful things. Kapana has changed for autumn dress and will be full of art and feelings and thousands of beating hearts.

Four stages will take care of the musical mood.

More and more exquisite, the Market grows with fine products from the skillful hands of amazing craftspeople.

And this autumn also offers a new Book center devoted to the Word!
These three days will fill our soul with literature, cinema, theater, skillful artists, new ideas and new possibilities.

28-30 September

Summerize - Bar The Post

Since Autumn has officially occurred а couple days ago The Post invites you to get together and say
Bye Bye Summer, Hello Autumn! We are going to share all the adventures, fun and good drinks we had over the summer. Music will be selected by Valentin a.k.a VALETO who has just come back home from overseas and has a lot of stories to tell you!

The Post
9 pm


This Friday at Fargo we’ll welcome Konstantin Timoshenko! The dances are guaranteed, and after the end of Dimitris Papayoanou's show, we expect the guests of ONE DANCE WEEK to continue the fun together.

Fargo Club
9 pm

DJ's Capture at Kanape

The new season is here and it’s time for the second edition of DJ's CAPTURE at KANAPE. You will again hear the selection of several DJs that will shake the Kapana and make you dance on the street!

Dimitar Pavlov
Tommy Riverra
DJ Versus
Petko Gochev

KANAPE - Vibrant Media
5 pm
Free entry

ACBG x Water Gang at Sound Trap

We are opening the club season with the boys of ACBG! The new wave floods the town of the hills with a unique trap sound from TLay, D-ZastA, GBT, and M1taka, and behind the decks are the young talents from Water Gang.

Sound Trap
10 pm
Entry: 10 BGN; 7 BGN before 11 pm; 5 BGN at the bar in KANAPE - Vibrant Media before the event


This Friday we’ll celebrate the last days of summer (or we’ll warm up the first autumn days) with nice music outdoors. The evening will end with a screening of What is Germany by Projektraum LS43, Berlin.

Denitza /Good vibes/

4 pm
Free entry

ВЗРИВ & GetSome! (NL)

After a long summer break, Post-culture stage invites us to an autumn party. This time the Dutch band Get Some will play. They’re in Plovdiv for the second time, and everyone who was at the party last time knows how brutal it’s going to be. Put on your comfortable shoes.

Post-culture stage
8 pm
Entry:  6 BGN

29th September

Bad n Boujee Sound Trap TTT

We’re opening the new trap season in Plovdiv. If you’ve been to the last two parties you know that you can’t miss TTT Trap. There will be trap, boujee, and vodka.

Sound trap
11 pm


Mitko Hilla will come to KANAPE firmly committed to showing all the new music he has gathered in the summer. There will be a lot of rap, so put on the loose pants.

KANAPE - Vibrant Media
10 pm

Night at Kapana | TAKT x ФАЗА

ФАЗА x TAKT –  a relatively new collaboration of young people, whose concept builds on the idea of inspiring new life and developing modern Bulgarian electronic music, and in particular that of "underground culture". You’ll feel their striving to preserve the artistic and unconventional at all their events in Sofia, and this Saturday in Plovdiv, in the spirit of the favorite Kapana Fest.

The selection of quality music will be presented by the special artists, namely:
Frivolous (Canada) - the world-famous Daniel Gardner
1 000 names - the Bulgarian duo with their individualistic musical style (Marg Names & Nikko Names)
Max Marsalle aka. Niklas Ibach - Germany
Sayulke (Plovdiv, Bulgaria)

11 pm
Entry: 7 BGN before midnight and 10 BGN after midnight

Spiritual Grooves

The summer seems to have ended drastically and as if it’s winter now! That is why on Saturday we will be warming up with high-quality drinks and dancing. The bartenders will take care of the drinks and TEDDSPARK and EZOTEK for the music.

The Post
9 pm