Enjoy the sunny weekend with our selection of events in Plovdiv

Photo: Victor Tsonev

20th October

Beer with the artist Atanas Hranov

Beer with Atanas Hranov!
See Plovdiv through the eyes of the artist and take a part of our city with you!

I decided I had to do something to intrigue the young and interesting people who come to live and have adventures in Plovdiv. The idea and the sense for the people of Plovdiv themselves is to look at the usual urban landscapes through the eyes of the person who has come and spent a great weekend here. This person, who sees in Plovdiv pink elephants and in flamingos in love. They looks through Their own glasses. And we often do not see anything pink because we're staring at our shoes. I tried to do everything with a slight smile, with a little humor and a good wish for a more beautiful and happy existence. Not everything is so serious, is it ... Let's look at the world from another perspective, calls the artist.

Cat and Mouse
8 pm

Silicon DrinkAbout Plovdiv

Silicon DrinkAbout is a weekly event, targeted at people with a modern and entrepreneurial mindset.
It’s a gatherings for beers every Friday after work, to scale the network of interesting people, share ideas in the environment of critical thinkers or just have a friendly chit-chat.

7 pm

21st October

EU Code Week: Meet and Code It Weekend

За да отпразнуват Европейската седмица на програмирането Drupal Bulgaria и Coding Girls са подготвили двудневно събитие за младежи на възраст от 14 до 24 години. Открийте удивителния свят на Drupal и да научете повече за възможностите, които ни предоставя тази невероятна система за управление на съдържанието и фреймуърк с отворен код. Да създадеш своя първи уебсайт е по-лесно, отколкото си представяш и те ще ти помогнат!

Присъединете се за един страхотен уикенд, изпълен с нагледни презентации, практически занятия, вдъхновяващи видео клипове и още много забавни дейности!

Двудневно събитие за младежи от 14 до 24 години. Участниците ще научат как да създадат своя първи Drupal уебсайт, ще обогатят своите знания по време на сесиите и ще развият своя ентусиазъм да програмират.

In order to celebrate The Europe Code Week Drupal Bulgaria Community and Coding Girls have prepared a FREE two-day event for young people from 14 to 24 years of age. Let’s discover the amazing world of Drupal and learn more about the opportunities that this amazing open source content management system and framework has to offer. Building your first website is easier than you think and they will help you!

Join the event for a great weekend full of informative presentations, practical workshops, inspiring videos and lots of entertaining activities.

3HUB / trio-hub
21 + 22 October
11.00 am
Free entry
Pre-registration required

SmokedSaturday #Street Party DJ SKILL

Нестандартно име за нестандартно събитие в духа на различното в Капана.
DJ Skill ще ни разцепи както само той си може с винили на едно от последното Street Party за сезона.

А пък бар СандъкЪ от своя страна ще поглези сетивата ни с опушени благини:
- пушена бира
- пушени уискита
- пушени коктейли

Представяне на дистилерия Килхоман и опушена бира Хилс.

Non-standard name for a non-standard event in the spirit of the different in Kapana.
DJ Skill will take care of the music at one of the last street parties for the season.

And the Sandak bar will pamper our senses with smoky goodies:
- smoked beer
smoked whiskey
- smoked cocktails

Presentation of Kilchoman Distillery and smoked Hills beer.

4 pm

Let's draw meetup – making a tote bag

Let's draw meetup in Otsreshta (slightly different from the previous ones)) :)

For the second birthday of coffee bar Otsreshta every participant in the #Letsdraw meetup can make a custom version of the tote bags of Otsreshta. Anyone who wants to draw a bag can sign up here: https://goo.gl/forms/99uMSUhXsqcp9tkB2

Anyone who wants to take part in the workshop, organized by coffee bar Otsreshta and make their own bag, can sign up as a participant.

2 pm
Entrance fee: 5 lv for anyone who wants to make a tote bag and free for everyone else

22 октомври

Green Sunday in Kapana

Enjoy the beautiful sunny Sunday in the company of the Green Workshop girls. They will present their gluten-free healthy masterpieces and will convince you that healthy food can be delicious.

You will be able to try out their products and get to know their team in the cozy and casual setting of Groove Coffee Gallery.

Groove Music&Art
2 pm