This weekend the city is full of life! There will be movies, street food festival and cool parties at our favorite bars

14th September

Love is folly

From September 14 to 23, fans of the world cinema will be able to recall what love is in different manifestations thanks to the rich program of the festival that will be broadcast at the Lucky House of Cinema. In the course of 10 days, 20 films will be shown every day between 7 and 9 pm. The festival is included in the cultural program of the city and is supported by the Municipality of Plovdiv.

Lucky House of Cinema
14-23 September

Mood for food street festival

The first edition of the most delicious Mood for Food Street Festival begins this Friday. From 14 to 16 September, the event will give an unforgettable culinary experience to the Plovdiv residents and the guests of the city. Because food is at the center of everything, but there must be a lot more around it to make the most of every taste, aroma and sip. This year, for the first time, you will have the chance to enjoy this food feast right on the main street.

Central Square
14-16 September

Big Band in Action

Big Band in Action is the latest project of Angel Zabersky Big Band, named after the band's last album of 2018. You’ll be able to hear the latest compositions of the composer and conductor Angel Zaberski for the first time on the stage of Boris Hristov House of Culture.

The program includes romantic ballads, folklore plays, opera arias and jazz standards, which Zakrebsky himself identifies as: "Eclectic genres - swing, ballad, fusion, folklore, bee bop, mainstream..."

Boris Hristov House of Culture
7 pm
Tickets at Boris Hristov House of Culture and online


In the exhibition titled Femininity, you will enjoy selected high-quality prints by the exceptional Katia Chausheva. Tender and sensitive, the female personages in her photographs affect the viewer with the power of renaissance canvasses. Her works are part of numerous art collections and photography catalogs abroad.

This is the second exhibition of Katia Chausheva in the Labyrinth Gallery, after her successful debut with oil paintings and photography in December 2017.

Labyrinth Gallery
14-30 September
Opening: 14 September, 6 pm

Small theater at the end of the world

Small theater at the end of the world is a laboratory for contemporary puppet theater of the French theater company" Theater de la Masuel - Ezekiel Garcia Romueu. In Plovdiv, she will present her unusual look to the world.

The artists will present "Small Theater at the End of the World ... Opus I" on the stage of Plovdiv Drama Theater.

Plovdiv Drama Theater (Zoom Stage)
7 pm
Free entry

Friday Rockin Beats | Metto

Friday night at Groove Music & Art we will celebrate the passing summer. DJ Metto will select his mix of vocal and deep house along with some forgotten but golden tracks.

Groove Music&Art
9 pm

Jameson send a Message

On our favorite day of the week - Friday, The Post will welcome us with super fresh music and a great promotional offer from Jameson Irish Whiskey. Immediately after the delicious Mood for Food event, we start with a dance step together with DJ SKILL, with whom we will share the good mood under the sounds of funky and soul music. Jameson also has the best friendly offer. Order a Jameson and get a second one for free.

The Post
9 pm

15th September

Race to School with Kalyas

Although the students go to exile on September 17 this time, The Post opens the school year traditionally on September 15th. After a two-month summer vacation accompanied by lots of alcohol, Kalyas returns to the bar just in time for entry cocktails and shots. In his backpack, he will have textbooks in funk, hip-hop, reggae, and the extracurricular for the later hours - drum.

The Post
9 pm

Fado Violado

Fado Violado offers an unusual combination of Fado and Flamenco, born from the dreams of singer Ana Pinal and composer and guitarist Francisco Almeida. Their first album is called "A Jangada da Pedra" in the name of the novel by José Saramago - an association with Saramago's idea of secession of the Iberian peninsula from the continent.

Fado Violado connects fado and flamenco into a common music, helping people better understand both. Their program, which features both fado classics and original songs, will be presented with Daniel Da Silva - guitarist, Christina Lopez - vocalist, Joao Paolo Rosadou - bass and Juan de la Fuente - percussion. With the special participation of Elena Morales - flamenco dance.

Ancient Theater
8 pm

Meszecsinka (HU/BG)

The Meszecsinka project and its founders, Emil Bilyarski and Annamaria Ola, are well known to the Bulgarian audience for their many club and festival events in recent years, including as headliners at the traditional Beglika Fest. Last autumn they filled Sofia Life Club on the Day of Bulgarian-Hungarian Friendship.

Psychedelic, magical, intoxicating are just some of the definitions that the audience and the critics give to the music of the Hungarian-Bulgarian band. Their latest album was named "genius" by the press, "world music album of the year" and is widely accepted by audiences in different countries. The most prestigious English magazine for worldmusic writes about Meszecsinka: "Wild and unrestrained as a soundtrack to rave about the end of the universe... East European Kate Bush or Cocteau Twins... trans-atmospheres reminiscent of The Orb and Ozric Tentacles with the band, emitting waves of powerful sound ".

The Bulgarian audience will hear new compositions, as well as Hungarian, Spanish, Russian, Gypsy, and Bulgarian folk songs. Songs in Bulgarian from Emil Bilyarsk's solo album will be presented.

Bee Bop Café
9.30 pm
Tickets: 10 lv. at the night of the concert

Neolonga Eclectica

For Nuevo fans, Tango Aficionado have prepared an eclectic collection of electro-tango, jazz, alternative, blues, and ethno music! No rules, just good music, and your creativity! And Gingertale will welcome us with an elegant atmosphere, excellent flooring, perfect service and amazing cocktails!

9 pm
Free entry


Feedbacker - noise/post

Indoctrinate - hardcore punk/political

Razgruha - grindcore/noise

ФОН - Фондация Обещаното Нищо

Post-culture Stage
6 pm
Entry: Prix Libre

Saturday from vinyl

Saturday night at Groove Music&Art is dedicated to the traditional event, where the music is vinyl-only. We will be listening to the new playlists as well as serious house classics from 2002-2010.

Groove Music&Art
9 pm