This weekend we'll go back to the musical past, we'll dance a lot and we'll fuel up with fresh cocktails

Photo by: lana_sdnk

27th July

Make Some Noise / Release Promo Party

On Friday night we organize a not very humble party on the occasion of the world premiere of the compilation by Bedrock Music / Live In Tokyo, where, among other world-famous artists, there is a remix by two Plovdiv DJs - d-phrag and Toppy. The childhood dream of many music producers is, it turns out, achievable with consistent and hard work, and of course - a little bit of talent. For the rest, they will tell us personally. You will be able to learn things from the kitchen about creating the track itself, for the other things they produce, there will be a little Ableton Live, and in the end, there will be an open DJ deck and everyone will be able to play something - original or not but strictly electronic.

Groove Music&Art
8 pm

Funky Delivery by Danymite

It’s summer, it’s Friday and we can’t help but have fun! The Post invites us for a fresh drink and cool music for which Danymite will take care.

The Post
9 pm

No Sense presents: "No Limit" / Borrix

No Limit is the first party in the series and the main culprit and founder is BORRIX!

Wondering what No Limit is?

No Limit combines past and present hits in Hip-Hop, Twerk, Trap, Dancehall, Dubstep, Rock, Metal, Moombahton, New School Rap, Old School Rap, Drum And Bass and Drumstep.

But the evening will be even more interesting because BORRIX will be playing some live Mashup series!

And as always your cold drinks await you at the bar.

No Sense
10 pm
Free entry

28th July

Progressive Elements / MytKo, Ravi, Alex K


On Saturday night at Groove Music & Art, we will dance again in the company of several Plovdiv underground DJs. The concept of the party implies quality electronic music delivered in the best and most memorable way by the three artists.

Groove Music&Art
8 pm

Weekly Message: Margarita

Hola Amigos! This weekend The Post will introduce us their new weekly offer, this time being a good old Margarita. For all fans of the better cocktails from the bar have prepared, besides the perfect Margarita classic, a few variations of the cocktail, too, from which in the worst case scenario you’ll start speaking Spanish and some other foreign languages. The side effects are good mood and dance!

The Post
7 pm

Control and Neshto Tsvetno live in Plovdiv

Punk, ska and good mood in abundance await visitors at Konyushnite on Saturday. At 7.30 pm, we will hear Neshto Tsvetno and at 9 pm - Control.

Doors: 6 pm
Start: 7.30 pm
Tickets: 12 lv.

Back to the Retro Hits

We’ll once again fill the tank of the time machine! Tighten the belts of the elastic dancing jeans and show off your most crazy dance moves in front of the crowd and in the rhythm of eternal hits!

We’ll start the night with funk to make you move, and at midnight, the journey through time begins! Your drunken pilot, Bay Lyubo, will take care of your survival over the decades and will try to bring you back in the current year without losing too many passengers!

No Sense
10 pm

Colibri Pool Plovdiv #DayParty

Colibri Pool starts a series of day parties. This Saturday and Sunday they expect us with a great musical selection and beautiful dancers.

Colibri Pool
12.30 pm

29th July

Spectrum Music Lab - Sunday Guitar Workshop

Spectrum Music Lab is a project of the guitarists Svetlin Staykov, Atanas Shishkov and Milen Dimitrov. They’ll play original music, covers, as well as jam sessions.

Bee Bop Café
5 pm
Free entry