This weekend in Plovdiv will go under the sign of beer. Two-three Beers Fest will bring together all people for whom quality beer is a craft, culture, and a way of life

15th June

Ramsey Hercules

This Friday there will be boogie fever in Fargo with the master of groove Ramsey Hercules!

Ramsey Hercules (Boogie'ON Radio / Boogie Exchange / Stereopor Records / 45 Mafia) is a connoisseur of analog sound and part of many musical projects. In the past, he has been a member of the cult band Phuture Shock, and now he heads the Stereopor Records label, Boogie Exchange and Boogie'ON Radio online.

Together with Skill they created a 45 Mafia – a DJ project dedicated to the 7-inch plates. Ramsey Hercules is also known to the music lovers with the massive quantity of edits of old classics and rare treasures from the 70s and 80s that he had produced. And his latest passion is playing saxophone.

Club Fargo
9 pm

Total Package by Dj Alphabet

On Friday we will fight the heat with ice cold beers and cocktails, amid the fresh mix of Funk, Breaks & Hip-Hop music that DJ Alphabet will take care of.

Bar The Post
8 pm

Jamaica Fever 75 Dubble Beat

In this edition of Jamaica Fever, we will emphasize the electronic styles of Jamaica and the UK. There will be DUB, RUB AND DUB, DUBWISE, JUNGLE, DIGITALS & NEW ROOTS REGGAE.

Groove Music&Art
9 pm

There's something about Bloody!

This Friday, Gingertale welcomes Nikolay Nikolaev - one of the 3oZ Bartenders Crew trio, creators of their cocktail menu, and a prominent member of Sputnik's crew. We can’t wait to taste his magical Blood Mary and his cocktail surprise with honey rakia! Expect the unexpected - Mash Mitak will mix behind the console instead of behind the bar!

8.30 pm

16th June

Two-three beers fest 2018

This celebration of quality beer aims to celebrate the diversity of this sparkling potion with a pleasant company in an urban setting. The first edition of Two-three beers fest with the slogan In the trap of the beer was successfully held at the height of the spring on 20 and 21 May 2017.

This year's second edition of Two-three beers fest will be larger, with even more quality beers. For the good festive mood, there will be different thematic zones, a place for relaxation, musical layout and treats for any feast. The new location will immerse us in the industrial past of the city under the hills - the emblematic Tobacco warehouses.

Two-three Beers Fest is part of the Cultural Calendar of Plovdiv Municipality and is held in support of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019.

The event is in partnership with PodTepeto,, craft beer bar Cat and Mouse, Plovdiv 2019  Foundation, Philip Morris Bulgaria, Amexis.

Tobacco warehouses
16-17 June, 12 o’clock

Happy New Street!

Artnewscafe ни кани на новите павета! За музиката ще се погрижат Sayulke и Denitza /Good vibes/.

Artnewscafe invites us to the new pavement! Sayulke and Denitza /Good vibes/ will take care of the music.

4 pm
Free entry

Andy King at BALLY CLUB

Andy King is a Bulgarian DJ and producer known to fans for his personal and individual musical style, including innovative tracks. Andy King’s sets and original music are highly recognizable with their energy and dense line, featuring deep/tech groove house and colorful vocals. In the beginning of 2018, he won an international competition for the English label RythmMedia UK.

Bally Club
9 pm
Free entry

Beatbox Masters

It is time for the next edition of Beatbox Masters. Some of the best 16 beatboxers from all over the world will compete in direct battles for the title. The battles will happen in the popular system A B A B. Every participant will have 2 rounds in each battle. The duration of every round will be: 90 seconds. No extra rounds.

Central Square
16-17 June, 6 pm