Progressive sounds, live rock and roll, reggae rhythms and fresh cocktails - once again the events in Plovdiv don't disappoint

11th May

The Groovin' Pipers live in Plovdiv

Created by members of Oratnitza, BalkanHED, I.V.R. Project and Er Goliam, The Groovin 'Pipers is a project designed to popularize and modernize Bulgarian folk music with experimental sound - Electronic, Progressive, Folklore, Drum ‘n’ bass.

The band's obsession lies in the modern presentation of the magic of the Rhodope bagpipe in combination with their experimental style.

The personal creative work of the band began to gain increasing interest in The Groovin 'Pipers project, which in turn inspired the boys to record their debut albums. Guest performer at the concert will be the singer Asya Pincheva, also participating in the band "Oratnitza", "Merudia" and "Cosmic Voices From Bulgaria"!

Bee Bop Café
9.30 pm
Entry: 8 lv.

Jamaica Fever 73 Reggae Night

Friday night at Vintage House will be devoted to authentic reggae music. We will hear the first variants of the most famous reggae tunes and rhythms, which then become classical and basic themes for the subgenres that will develop later. Riddim is the accent of the evening or otherwise known as rhythm!

Vintage House
9 pm

Still Drinking Fabric Team Party

Fabric Bar invites us to the last training of their football team before the Ancient and Drunk Sunday tournament 2018. Mr. Dobri Stilldrinkov will take care of the musical arrangement.

Fabric Bar
8 pm

Start before you're ready OTO Bar the Post

This Friday we start early under the balcony and this time one of the residents of Bar Switch | Sofia will take care of the music and the good atmosphere, namely DJ OTO.

The music will be Funk & Breaks, so put on your comfortable shoes and come to dance under and in front of the balcony!

Bar The Post
7 pm

Progressive Elements with DJ Di Costa

In this edition of Progressive Elements, two veteran musicians and distinguished Plovdiv artists will visit the bar. DJ Di Costa or Konstantin Dimov, the resident of the cult bar Fly'N'Hy, which at the end of the 1990s laid the foundations of the electronic scene in Plovdiv, arrived directly from France for an exclusive gig at Groove Music & Art. Toppy - Vasil Mihov, popular with his active studio work and editions for leading electronic labels, will be the support of the event.

Groove Music&Art
9 pm

Bourbon Street & Chongi & The Smokers

Chongy travels the world, competes in the World Ski Cross and writes songs. Chichi and Mingera like to smoke and have fun. And the three of them together - like rock'n'roll most of all. Guitar, bass, drums ... the usual harmonic progressions, lots of energy and a good mood! The concert will accompany the release of the first studio album of the band.

Bourbon Street is a Rock'n'Roll trio from Plovdiv!

Velko Iliev - drums
Radoslav Paunov - bass
Nikola Nixon Djokov - guitar and vocals

Rock Bar Download
10 pm


Konstantin Timoshenko is a music collector, DJ, professional drummer and music producer, organizer and curator of music festivals, and a member of numerous music projects including Les Enfants De Paris, Pop's Machine, Sample Brothers, Akkord I On and Help Me Jones.

Club Fargo
9 pm

12th May

Odd Crew, Hellvetica & Violent Chapter Live at Rock Bar Download

Odd Crew
Violent Chapter

Rock Bar Download
8.30 pm
Tickets: 12 lv. (Epay-GO), and 15 lv. On the spot

DJUST in The Post

The parties on the balcony of bar Тhe Post continue with full force, and this Saturday they have prepared something different.

At exactly 19:00, BRO2 & Mr. Nice Guy will stand behind the console, introducing a very fresh selection of Liquid DnB and UK House a.k.a. a real DJUST summer party under the open sky.

Of course, the outside bar will be working, with draft beer and cocktails at the choice of the bartenders!

Bar The Post
7 pm

Break & Britt

Saturday night we will go through the debris of the British music and culture. Breakbeat, Brit Pop, Punk, Big Beat, Trip Hop and other popular music will sound. The atmosphere of the bar will also be typically British - promotion of gin with tonic, or without tonic, whiskey with ice, or without ice ... whatever you like.

Groove Music&Art
9 pm

Exitus live in Plovdiv

Exitus was founded by Andro Stubel in late 1995. By 2001, the musicians had numerous performances and concerts. The band's four singles became very popular - "To Erase Every Pain and Sadness" (1997) - first place in the Tangra radio, "My Heart of Stone" (1999) - six weeks first in Bulgarian Top 100 "," Unreal Life "(1999) and" She Just Wants to Be Left It In Peace "(2001) - first place in FM Radio Plus.

After 2002 the band stopped with the concert activity and the participants were engaged in solo projects and collaborations with different musicians. Andro Stubel produced and released two albums and co-founded the band Miskini, while Plamen Kirkov played in the bands Cozza Mostra and Affection.

In 2016, Andro and Plamen played at several national festivals, and the reaction of the audience made them return to their original name. In July 2017, Svetozar Kolev - Pitkin - guitars and Dora Todorova – percussions, joined the acoustic project. In early March 2018, Exitus began the recordings of a new single.

Basquiat Cafe & Bar
9 pm
Entry: 7 lv.


Saturday night we will enjoy the musical selection of Buckshot and the cocktail favorite Perfect Storm - a stormy combination of rum Sailor Jerry, Licor 43, ginger honey and fresh lime.

Club Fargo
9 pm

13 май

"Tired Sea" Exhibition

Fourth Exhibition by Nicole Sultanova (third independent).

"I began to fully paint in 2013 when I rediscovered paint and brush after seven years of rest. I was painting seas, which is understandable because I am from a seaside town and the endless blue views are capable of inspiring absolutely everyone. The oil paints allowed me to crack the waves of these seas in the most livelier way (I think) and since then the "oil" has become my only painting technique. And so three exhibitions. Yes, but a bottle of ink came to me and when I opened it and dropped a few drops, new horizons opened in front of me. The ink droplets carried the graphite, the oil pastels, the ordinary pastels, and the acrylic. You will be able to see these "daubs" at the show. They are 20, as well as 6 "cats" from my previous exhibition "Chess and Mat with the Cat" in Sofia in 2017. If you still hesitate, just come to see the great gallery, listen to cool jazz, drink some wine, some shots, etc., while "the night is young"

Gallery 28
6 pm