Temperatures have risen and we don't want to stay at home. This weekend we'll learn whiskey Japanese and swing choreographies, and the musical program is so rich that it's giving us major FOMO

Photo: veronique.ivanova

9th March


Konstantin Tymoshenko, a Sofia-based disco agent from Kazakhstan, is back in Fargo with his impressive collection of gramophone records filled with favorite classics and rare jewels.

Club Fargo
9 pm

Night of The Police in Bee Bop Café

Three people of 30-40 years of age, known to law enforcement, with a heavy musical past, have been spotted to rehearse the music of one of the greatest bands in band history, namely The Police.

Sources say they are planning an explosion of hits in a popular Plovdiv bar.

Bee Bop Café
9.30 pm

Absinthe Fever

On Monday we celebrated the International Absinthe Day. This weekend we continue with special offers from the bar!

Absinthe House
9 pm

BG party with Zaikov & Edit

If you still haven’t heard the new MixMe, this Friday is the time to go to Vintage House and hear Georgi and Edith live.

Vintage House
9 pm
Free entry

Whiskey Japanese Studies Night or all about Japanese whiskey

Who says learning is bad!?

Sandak invites us to "whiskey Japanese" or all about the Japanese whiskey and they’ve picked some rare whiskeys to discuss over a glass:
Hibiki 12 YO
Hakushu 12 YO

8 pm

From Matera to Plovdiv

Which emblematic figure for you is a symbol of Europe?
What is the place you associate with Europe?
What can Europe do for you?
What can you do for Europe?
What are the borders of Europe?

Come on 9th March at 18.00 at Otsreshta to meet Michele and Fabio Il pignone viaggiatore - Voyage au bout de l'Europe, who turned cycling into a research trip.

In August 2017, they departed from Matera and passed through the territory of six countries, asking strangers these 5 questions and seeking what is the place of Europe in their everyday lives.
Now they are back to share their impressions, tell about their meetings and show the videos they have made.
Working language of the meeting: English.

6 pm

4 My People

Friday night at Groove Music & Art will be "The Holy Trinity" of rap music, the beginning of "money, cars, women ..." from the 90s of the last century. The immortal classics Tupac and Biggie, and even their faithful companions, Puffy and the Doctor, with whom together we’ll understand how the feud between East Coast and West Coast has evolved and what Thug Life is.

Groove Music&Art
9 pm

10th March

Control & PIZZA at VOID

Dear ladies and gentlemen, welcome the Control Orchestra and the Varna ska core rampage Pizza. Concert Massacre. Bring your personal machete, straight shovel, and chopper.

Doors: 9 pm
The entrance before 10 pm is 12 lv, and after 10 - 15 lv

Schimnik/Feedbacker/Empiria live Post-culture stage


Schimnik - synth/avant-garde/noise (Bulgaria/ Serbia)
Feedbacker - noise/post-punk/urban (Sofia)
Empiria - post-rock/noise (Plovdiv)

Post-Culture Stage
Doors: 7.30 pm
Start: 8 pm
Entry: 7 lv.

Progressive Elements / Toppy, Mytko, Ravi

The next edition of Progressive Elements - the underground electronic music event, in which guests will be three Plovdiv DJs.

Line Up:
Toppy /BC2, LuPS Records/

Groove Music&Art
9 pm

Pikebass at KANAPE

This Saturday in Kanape is Nikolay Pikebass.

KANAPE - Vibrant Media
10 pm

Britpop night in Petnoto

Yes, we will also pay attention to the Beatles and Stones, but our focus will be on the 90s movement that contrasts with the American grunge (when Nirvana dominated the titles) and returns the melodic guitar British pop and rock music under the spotlight just to destroy it in exactly the right way. The rest is a story you know well, but still – go to a refreshing lesson on Saturday. With comfortable dance shoes.

Petnoto na Rorschach
10 pm
Free entry


On Saturday NZYMO from Varna will visit Fargo for the first time. He has prepared a selection of gramophone records. His selection is an interesting walk through a variety of sounds - soul, funk, afro-beat, disco, ethno-jazz, deep house - a guarantee that everyone will find something for themselves. Those who go out to dance will be pleased, as well as those who enjoy the music with a good drink at the bar.

Fargo Club
9 pm

ATILA x Plovdiv Squad at Kanape - Trap

Interact Club Plovdiv - Philippopolis organizes a charity concert featuring ATILA, and support from Crocodile and friends. The cause this year is the collection of the necessary funds for the renovation of a complex for social services for children and families from 3 to 14 years of age in Komatevo. Furniture and essential necessities will be purchased with the money collected.

KANAPE - Vibrant Media
8 pm

Ostava Live in Plovdiv @Bee Bop Café

Only two days after March 8, the most loving group of Bulgaria returns to Bee Bop Café for a special love dedicated to the women's holiday.

The evening will be filled with the most lyrical and beautiful melodies. Actually, when Svilen, Joro, Sasho, Bobby, and Danny are on stage, each song is on the frequencies of love.

Bee Bop Café
9.30 pm
Tickets: http://www.eventim.bg/bg/ - 12 bgn of pre-sale, 15 bgn - on the day of the concert and on the spot

No Sense / DJUST Lose it

Another DJUST with music from different styles to the taste of:

No Sense
10 pm
Free entry

11th March

Swing Dance Module - Shim Sham Routine

Shim Sham is the most popular solo choreography in swing dances and is an integral part of any party.

The choreography is easy, dynamic, and danced on swing jazz songs.

To participate you don’t have to have a partner or skill in swing dancing. Only desire and 2 free hours required!

An ideal opportunity to learn it now and join in mass performances today.

For those of you who have already studied the choreography, it will be a good time to recall it.

Total Sport Fitness & Squash
2 pm
Fee: 15 lv. (8 lv. With Multisport or Sodexo card)