This weekend in Plovdiv there will be original cocktails, whiskey with blues, a little bit of soul, a little bit of RnB, funk, jazz and more

16th February

Valentine's Massacre 2018

Black Nebula Events presents Valentine's Massacre 2018, Plovdiv. The bands are:
ФОН - Фондация Обещаното Нищо
Above Us The Waves (Greece)

Post-culture Stage
7 pm
Entry: 8 lv.

Whiskey with Blues

The Americans drink their whiskey with ice, the English – with soda, and the Bulgarians drink it neat. We drink the soda in the morning and we put the ice on our heads. The blues helps the good mood but the quantity of the malts drinks, too.

Groove Music&Art
9 pm

Pavel and Daniel in Contrabass

Two young musicians will take care of the jazz Friday in bar Contrabass:


Bar Contrabass
8.30 pm
Entry: 5 lv.

Svetozar Kolev - Drawings

Svetozar Kolev says: "I’ll share some of my latest crazy ideas. These are drawings, scratched on the white sheet, inspired by music, friends, and the journey through the midst of my drunken fantasy."

Basquiat Cafe & Bar
7.30 pm

MixMe @Vintage House

This Friday at Vintage House the official debut of MixMe - the new formation of the well-known on the Plovdiv stage Georgi Zaikov and Edith Unzhiyan awaits us. Only the two of them will be on the stage but they’ll bring the talent of a whole orchestra. Expect a sincere performance of two artists who are really in love with the music.

Vintage House
9 pm
Free entry

Mixology #6 with guest bartender Nikos Chliapas

Mixology is the series of events at club Fargo, where they present interesting guests behind the bar, proven in the field of mixology in Bulgaria and beyond, in order to improve and enhance the cocktail culture in the city.

In the sixth edition, this Friday is their guest Nikos Chliapas, who will present an original cocktail menu of the evening.

Nikos Chliapas began his first steps in bartending at the age of 18 in various bars in Thessaloniki. At age 21 he became a manager and chief barman. Two years later he returned to Sofia to complete his education in law. His name is related to The Cocktail Bar as one of the main bartenders and is also part of the creators of the '' Jasmine Gastro Bar ''. Chliapas has taken part in seminars all over the world. He has won many awards and competitions both inside and outside the country, such as Absolut Invite, Skinos Mediterranean Challenge, and Glenfiddich Experimental Bartender.

Traditionally, Fargo's residents will take care of the musical atmosphere.

Club Fargo
9 pm

17th February

We FunК You

Saturday night at Groove Music & Art will be fun! As you can see from the name, we’ll listen to funk. There will also be a bit of a soul, RnB and a nineties disco track can also sneak in.

Groove Music&Art
9 pm

Back2Basics - PHM*B2B*PinkTsonk*B2B*PlamenK

Back 2 Basics is a B2B unpretentious project by two musicians who met because of the music - Plamen K and Pink Tsonk. This time, PHM is joining them. All three led by the love of the house and the electronic music will make a little show with the tracks that have made them start to listen to it at all.

KANAPE - Vibrant Media
10 pm

GOOD News with Skill

Good News is a conceptual evening dedicated to new quality music, contemporary artists, and their labels. Who says modern music can’t sound great?

Vintage House
9 pm

18th February

Retro move night - Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain

Amélie tells the story of Amelie, a girl who grows isolated from other children because of her father's misconception, the unsociable doctor Raphaël Poulain, that his daughter suffers from heart problems (a misunderstanding due to the fact that in the rare moments of closeness between them during the medical examinations, Amelie's heart is throbbing with excitement). Amelie is still young when her mother, as neurotic as the father, dies after a woman jumps from the roof of Notre Dame Cathedral and lands on her. The misfortune makes Amelie's father close even more and devote himself to building an eccentric memorial to his wife. Left to herself, Amelie develops an unusually rich fantasy.

KinoCafe Plovdiv
6.15 pm
Free entry