TGIF! This weekend in Plovdiv there are cool parties and events that are not to be missed, so don't even think of spending it on the couch. It's a challenge, but we'll try to go to all of them!

2nd February

Failure Radio

There is no better "new" than the well-forgotten "old" so bring all the old gramophone records with disco, funk and pop you found in the basements, ceilings, and cabinets. Put on the tight jeans, the colorful leotards, and sequins and come to the party of "decadent music"!

Groove Music&Art
9 pm

7 Years of Download

Birthday of the bar! 7 years since the Rock Bar Download idea exists!

Rock Bar Download
8 pm

Mr. Moon @Vintage House

The musical Mr. Moon remixes and produces songs for some of the main performers in Bulgaria and is gradually becoming an integral part of the deep house scene. Meanwhile, his name is being heard more and more frequently on a worldwide basis, for the remixes he makes for names like Lisa Shaw, Atjazz, Marshall Jefferson, Dj LeRoi, Kinky Movement, Distant People, Yves Murasca & BK Duke, Stereo Mutants, Pablo Fierro, Mirco Esposito & Mario Held, Tri O Five, Fanel and others!

Vintage House
9 pm


Where is Shushana? This question seems to have been of much interest to us lately. To find her we called V: RGO & TRF, who have prepared a mix well known for its ability to attract Shushanas.

9 pm
Entry: 6 BGN on the day of the event (there will be 50 passes at the price of 4 BGN that can be found at the bar at KANAPE - Vibrant Media)

Unicorn Party с Paft dRunk

The music will be varied, and if we drink more, we can even play the one with the cake. On Saturday it’s supposed to rain and we can have fun at the bar.

Basquiat Cafe & Bar
10 pm

Jazz duo: flute and piano in the Contrabass

This Friday at bar Contrabass, you are invited to listen to the jazz duo of:

Borislav Yassenov – flute
Yordan Tovnovsky - piano

Bar Contrabass
8.30 pm

Gender: Indie by Juanito

Gender is the range of characteristics pertaining to and differentiating between, masculinity and femininity. Depending on the context, these characteristics may include biological sex (i.e., the state of being male, female, or an intersex variation), sex-based social structures (i.e., gender roles), or gender identity.

The term "indie" is sometimes used to describe a genre. As a genre term, "indie" may also include music that is not created by independent artists.

Most independent artists do not fall into a particular musical style or genre and usually create music that can be categorized into different genres.

Bee Bop Cafe
10 pm

Luchezar Boyadjiev - Dystopian Cozy - solo show

SARIEV Contemporary, Plovdiv is pleased to present „Dystopian Cozy“, the first solo show of Luchezar Boyadjiev at the gallery. The exhibition is organized in the context of the retrospective exhibition “Luchezar Boyadjiev. Sic Transit Media Mundi” in Sofia City Art Gallery, 14 February – 11 March 2018.

SARIEV Contemporary
6.30 pm
2 February – 24 March

Dossiu Amudjev (Groovy Sessions)

By choosing the quality musical selection, Fargo Club presents again in Plovdiv the man who has been in charge for the promotion of various musical genres, the everlasting melomaniac, the DJ and the radio show host, with over 500 editions of Groovy Sessions Radio Show Dossiu Amudjev!

Club Fargo
9 pm

3rd February

Metal and More @Podleza bar&fun

This Saturday night a whirlwind of metal styles awaits us at the bar!
Your uncle Slavi will go crazy in the name of good mood and a good party!

Podleza bar&fun
9 pm

Progressive Elements - Mytko & Ravi

Progressive Elements is a new project that unites various underground artists from the electronic club scene. On Saturday, Groove Music & Art will welcome Mytko and Ravi, who will present their vision of the main elements of progressive, house and techno. A distinctive nuance in the event is the fact that, despite their non-commercial attitudes towards selection and performance, they both deal with music at an extremely thorough and conceptual level. Must hear!

Groove Music&Art
9 pm

Pink Floyd Project Exclusive live at Bee Bop Café

The infinite music of PINK FLOYD, presented with multimedia and wonderful sound. Pink Floyd Projects are: Nikola Ivanov - guitar and vocals, Dimitar Gyurov - guitar, Hristo Lafchiev - bass and vocals, Hristo Ivanov - keyboard and programming, Nikoleta Ruseva - saxophone and vocals, Srebrin Baldzhiev - drums. The project presents the great tracks from Dark Side Of The Moon, The Wall, Animals ...

Bee Bop Café
9.30 pm

Artbrunch Studio Papir

Studio Papir aims to show that paper is a unique material that is used not only to pack products or eco packages. The paper can be used for decoration in the interior, advertising or just as a gift to our loved ones. With Artbrunch Papir, everyone will be able to feel the variety of paper and more precisely expressing yourself with paper.

1 pm

Swing it in the house

On Saturday, we'll go back in the days of Elvis, Little Richard, Lewis Prima and the crazy rock and roll parties of the 50s! From the gramophones, we'll hear Swing, Rock 'n' Roll, Boogie Woogie, R & B and Jazz music, and we're expected to dive into its cheerful rhythm and have fun as they did before - with quality alcohol and lots of dances!

Dress code:
In the style of the time, we welcome elegant gentlemen with suspenders and bowties, and beautiful ladies with dresses and skirts of polka dots and stripes, ribbons and vintage hairstyles.

Absinthe House
9 pm

4th February

Hearthstone tournament Podlezside gathering

You can sign up at the bar.
The format will be conquest.
Entry for participants - 5lv, and for viewers - free of charge.
Everyone should bring the device they plan to play on.
The prize pool is formed by the entrance gathered.
Prizes will receive 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

To sign up you need:
1. Name
2. Battletag#
3. Device to play on
After you sign up you’ll receive a number you mustn’t lose.

The rules are:
Played on the principle of 3 of 5.
Each player declares 3 decks from different classes in advance.
In order to win the match, the participant must win with each of his three decks.
After winning a deck, the participant must continue with another.
The loser can continue to use the same deck or play with a different one.

Podleza Bar&Fun
6 pm