This weekend the city is full of life, and the events we want to visit barely fit into our calendar. It was difficult to sift them out, but still here are the events that are simply not to be missed

19th  January

Make You Clap to This: A DJ Akasha Joint at Kanape Vibrant Media

*MAKE YOU CLAP TO THIS* is another #DJAkashaJOINT of carefully selected hip-hop including key periods of the development of the rap club scene and its most distinctive characters over the years.

KANAPE - Vibrant Media
10 pm

Pierre Ma live @Contrabass

On Friday evening, guest of Contrabass is the French musician PIER MA, who will play guitar and percussion and sing jazz and blues.

8.30 pm

Days Of The Forest

Days Of The Forest is the latest production of Time Stream Studios. Miroslav Trifonov and Nikola Gaidov will present their concept of the short film. A David Lynch-style script and a world-class soundtrack are just some of the things that can be said about this movie. Besides the live screening, the audience will have the opportunity to participate in a discussion with the authors and some of the participants in the project.

Groove Music&Art
9 pm

They made it better!

Petko #IPILETO will entertain us with metal covers of popular songs!

Rock Bar Download
10 pm
Free entry

Shared moments with Alex

Shared moments with Alex is an exhibition of amateur photography and selected music by the author.

Basquiat Cafe & Bar
7.30 pm

Whisky Tasting - Scotland vs. Japan

In the first of a series of "whisky duels", we compare Scottish and Japanese blend whiskys. The limited Chivas Regal Mizunara and the new Dewar's 15 Year Old - The Monarch will protect the honor of Scotland and of Japan - Super Nikka Revival Limited Edition and Nikka 8 Year Old Black.

bar Sandak
9 pm
30 lv.

Acoustic Breeze with Stefan Stoilov and Konstantin Kovachev

Stefan Stoilov and Konstantin Kovachev present their acoustic project Acoustic Breeze, which for 5 years gained great interest in the club circles. This Friday they await you at Vintage House.

Vintage House
9 pm
Free entry

Desy (Dj set)

On January 19, Fargo will welcome for the first time for a DJ set the magnetic Dessy Andonova, known as Dj Desy, the voice of legendary Bulgarian band Phuture Shock and vocal in the famous swing trio Sentimental Swingers. At the event the new triple-distilled Tullamore Dew XO Rum Cask, aged in barrels of Caribbean rum, with fresh tropical notes, soft fruity aroma and caramel aftertaste will be presented.

Club Fargo
9 pm

Rock Them All DJ Golliath @Podleza bar&fun

We will make a monumental journey through time and music – we’ll travel the distance from blues rock, rock, and hard rock, passing through grunge, progressive and stoner until we dive into the darkness and whirlwind of thrash and death of metal.

Podleza Bar&Fun
9 pm

20th January

Drink'n'Draw Plovdiv v1

Being part of a group, community, subculture is a quest. Sharing interests and knowledge is at the heart of our communication. Creating is a way of expression. That's why it is important for an artist to be in an environment where ideas are mutual and understandable.

The realization of the lack of a subculture in Burgas gives birth to the idea of Drink'n'Draw - Sunday creative meetings, during which illustrators, artists, graffiti artists, and all artists, expressing themselves through painting, gather together to create and interact. They draw on a given topic, either complementing or simply improvising, using different techniques while exchanging experiences and ideas.

Drink'n'Draw's artists set goals for common urban embellishment projects, projects on various media, and last but not least, gathering a growing group of followers. Because it is important, by working in and for a city, to know each other in order to remove the boundaries in communicating with each other.

Grab pencils, dyes, and sketches because meetings are open to anyone who feels part of the idea!

At the beginning of the event, a short presentation will be presented by Svetoslav Stankov on the idea and history of the Drink'n'Draw project.

U PARK Gallery
7 pm

BG Reggae Party with Parapitek

Selector Parapitek, who is an integral part of any quality reggae event in the city, has selected for us a hot mix of hit Bulgarian songs. We are expecting dynamic tracks, which have succeeded not only here but also on the international stage. The loyal fans will receive a bonus prize - songs that will be heard for the first time on the Plovdiv stage!

Vintage House
9 pm

X2805 in the house

DJ x2805 will showcase his Afro House Selection with Deep, Funky and Progressive / Tribal Elements... All of this will be garnished with a wide variety of absinthe in the magical atmosphere of Absinthe House.

Absinthe House
9 pm

My favorite love songs in Plovdiv

We’ll dive into a story of love. Mira will share her favorite songs over the years for the first time in front of Plovdiv audience. The concert will be under the accompaniment of Alexander Kiprov's piano.

You will hear unforgettable hits from favorite artists such as Lara Fabian, Celine Dion, Barbara Streisand, Yves Montan, Charles Aznavour.

Petnoto na Rorschach
8 pm
Entry: 10 lv.

Melting / RAVI meets SADHU /

Saturday evening at Groove Music & Art we will enjoy the energy of two Plovdiv underground DJs. The pace will flow smoothly from 50 to 150 BPM along with the audience's emotions. The style will flow smoothly through ambient, techno, liquid psy and progressive, and at the bar, they will traditionally flow liquor from a bottle into a shaker, glass, and shots to make the most amazing cocktails.

Groove Music&Art
9 pm


January doesn’t claim to be the hottest month, but we can do something about it... We gather 4 notorious party people, add their most discerning discoveries in the field of electronic music and all their habitually thirsty friends and occupy the club with the best sound in the city. Voltron will be assembled with the joint efforts of ELEN, PHM, Pink Tsonk and Plamen K. On top of that, Petko Tanchev gets involved to create shapes, colors, and messages alongside the music, and in a way that is not forgotten. And January will be May. And on earth, there will be paradise.

10 pm
Entry: 5 lv.

TOTO Tribute Live in Plovdiv @Bee Bop Café

The super band who sang on the same stage with Toto's frontman, Bobby Kimball, presents a tribute to one of the most iconic bands of all time - Toto, almost a year later, again on the stage of Bee Bop Café.

Bee Bop Café
9.30 pm
Entry: 15 lv./10 lv.

Mixology #5

Mixology is a series of events in which Fargo presents interesting guests behind the bar, proven in the field of mixology in Bulgaria and beyond.

At the fifth edition, this Saturday their guest is Alexander Simeonov, who will present a special cocktail menu of the evening.

Alexander Simeonov has 15 years of experience in the field. He is behind the idea of NOMAD Barman, a company providing bartender services in the broad sense of the word. Participant in numerous national and international competitions. Finalist and winner of several titles of the most prestigious bartender races. Zodiac "mixologist".

The musical atmosphere will be in the hands of the residents of Fargo Nev and Visitor Q, but Stan, Todd, and Skill will also join!

Club Fargo
9 pm

21st January

The Sunday Bunch: George Eve - Episode #032 / Livestream

The next guest on The Sunday Bunch Livestream series will be George Eve.

He’s been spinning vinyl for quite some time, dragging his cases around with tireless dedication to his craft. He found his passion for electronic music back in 1997, along with his first techno mixtape. A couple of years later he ended up in the legendary club Indigo in Sofia and his passion became an obsession. Around the clubs, he had the chance to meet the people who introduced him to DJ-ing and he went into making the crowd smile and dance, his focus being on quality entertainment with quality music and sound. Let's hear what he has prepared for us, this Sunday / 21th January.

KANAPE - Vibrant Media
6 pm

Retro movie night: Once Upon a Time in the West

The story of a young woman, Mrs. McBain, moving from New Orleans to the Utah border, at the very end of the American West. She arrives to find her new husband and family slaughtered, but by whom? A mysterious stranger with a harmonica appears to protect the beautiful widow from the relentless killer who appears to be working on the railroad.

KinoCafe Plovdiv
7 pm
Free entry