This week in Plovdiv we'll see independent films, we'll taste wine in the dark and we'll enjoy unique wax cards

Photo: george_photographer88

1st December

Maria Makedonska’s short films + guest Dj

Less words.

This is the common theme of the films, with which Maria Makedonska decided to present herself in Plovdiv.

The making of short films has always been a challenge but, on the other hand, such movies are cinematic works associated with the idea of alterative cinema. Stretch of the imagination can be set free from pre-written scenario standards. In this type of production the most important element is the ability of the director to create significant relationship with the audience, because even the simplest frame can emphasize individual feelings. I remember a picture of Samuel Beckett sitting in the corner of an empty room. Beckett watches vigilantly and cautiously, as if he is on the look-out – very impressive and sheer concept. This perspective you can also see in the work of the young director.

But who is Maria Makedonska and why on Friday evening invites us to use less words, you can find out if you come to the short movie event.

Absinthe House
6.30 pm

Chongi & The Smokers + Perceptions на живо в Post Culture Stage

Chongi and The Smokers return to Plovdiv after several months of rest! You can expect the familiar rock'n'roll vibes and the usual dirty sound.

They’ll be accompanied by Sofia’s Perceptions. The band was created one summer on the South Black Sea coast. Their music is composed of old Jazz and Blues pieces under the influence of natural elements. Their inspiration comes from the sun, the sea, the waves, the stars, and the experiences.

Post-culture stage
9 pm
Entry: 6 lv.

Collective painting and sculpture exhibition

Gallery L'union de Paris, Plovdiv presents works of artists of contemporary Bulgarian art. There are works created during the last four decades of the 20th century by Svetlin Rusev, Ivan G. the Rembrandt, Ivan Kirkov, Georgi Baev and sculptures by Krum Damianov, Ivan Totev, Vezhdi Rashidov.

5 pm

Rock N Roll @Podleza Bar&Fun

Podza Bar & Fun invite us to meet the beginning of December with a rock ‘n’roll party!

Podleza Bar&Fun
9 pm

Fusion TOUR 2017: Oratnitza at Club VOID

Oratnitza are coming back to Plovdiv and they’re bringing with them three more of the best bands in Bulgaria, namely Merudia, Kottarashky and BALKAN kHANs.

The purpose: The biggest fusion tour in Bulgaria
- 4 bands
- 9 Bulgarian towns
- More than 30 concerts
- 2 months

Be part of the fusion adventure

Club Void
9 pm
Entry: 10 lv.

Krembo in the house

This Friday in Absinthe House we’ll hear Maksim Baldzhiev a.k.a. Krembo! Influenced by more than a decade of the underground scene in Belgium and the Netherlands, and labels like R&S Records, Diynamic, Innervisions, Pampa, Permanent Vacation, Ellum, Fryhide ...

Absinthe House
9 pm21 часа

Music Selection by ShakerМaker & Ivo Chalakov

This Friday for the first time in Fargo as music selectors will be Ivo Chalakov, along with ShakerMaker. It will mostly be post-punk, new wave, synth pop, electro pop, indietronix, psychedelic revival, garage, electroclash, surf.

Ivo is known in the music world for the electro-projects APEMEN and GRAVITY CO, and it is difficult to list the stages he has played on.

ShakerMaker has been selecting music since 2003 as part of the BritSpotting DJ Team. It has played in most alternative clubs in Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas and Varna. He has made the official after party of Placebo, The Raveonettes and Massive Attack.

Club Fargo
9 pm

Le Push Live @Vintage House

Le'Push is an acoustic trio made up of vocals, two guitars and percussion. They perform original and cover music. The three musicians Ivan Lazarov - vocal and guitar, Momchil Atanasov - guitar and Yassen Dimitrov - percussions received their education at the Plovdiv Academy of Music, but their musical careers began in Dobrich. They have many years of experience in the field of music. They perform several music styles - rock, blues, reggae, pop.

Vintage House
9 pm

No Sense Presents: Boozie Tequila Nite

Is there something that goes together better than Friday night and No Sense? Tequila! But they have that, too. The musicwill be by No Sense Crew who know what you want.

No Sense
10 pm

2nd December

In the Dark: Wine Tasting

Are you looking for something new and different, atypical? Come to a wine tasting in the dark in the Kanape bar!

Let's feel the darkness there. Let us leave the images and feel our senses. Let's learn how to be sure in the dark, let's make it our friend. Vizioner Foundation with poetress Blaga Zapryanova and young entrepreneur Angelina Alexandrova will lead you on an exciting journey into the darkness. We will come into the dark, get to know it and ourselves, we will challenge it, and finally we will have a nice Bulgarian young wine. And the funds collected from the entrance fee will be used for training for blind people on social skills.

Club Kanape
6 pm
Entry: 20 lv.

Department of Electronics

Saturday night we’ll go back to the electronic music scene from the very beginning of the 80's and 90's until today. The DJs will mix behind the board, and the bartender will mix behind the bar. A serious night is coming!

Groove Music&Art
8 pm

U.S.B acoustic concert

In Coffee and Gallery Cu29 there will be an interesting exhibition of the youngsters from U.S.B. You will witness live performances in which the musical instruments will come alive. Unfortunately, there’ll be nothing supernatural, as the "show" will actually be an acoustic concert. U.S.B. will play a variety of rock, alternate and grunge tracks.

Coffee and Gallery Cu29
9 pm

Eddy´s Christmas Weekends

In the cozy setting of Eddy’s you can enjoy white and red wine on the Christmas decorated terrace, with the musical accompaniment of violin and guitar.

Eddy's Café & Food
6 pm

Asics Open Amateur Tennis Tournament (Men-Pairs)

The "ASICS OPEN" tournament is one of the many events organized by SILA in order to stimulate and improve the physical activity of the society. The tournament has a competitive and entertaining character.

All the initiatives of SILA aim to keep or spark the LOVE of people of TENNIS.

Complex SILA
8.30 am

DJ one2one aka Frans DeWit (NL) + Gagalove in the house

We welcome December and on Saturday night we are with the Dutch DJ one2one and GAGALOVE.
DJ one2one (Frans DeWit) has years of experience on the board, including gigs in many countries across Europe and three more continents. A distinguished representative of the modern Dutch club scene, DJ one2one has his own radio show at Radio Hitec (, as well as a very sophisticated and broad understanding of the styles of electronic music and mix. For the evening in Absinthe house je has prepared a set with Deep House!

Absinthе house
9 pm

Jamaica Fever at VOID

Parapitek will come at Club VOID with the Jamaica Fever series and new selections that just wait to be released on a sound system! From roots to new roots, dancehall, digital reggae, raggamuffin hip-hop.

10 pm
Free entry

Independent Film Festival Plovdiv

The international independent film festival aims to show the best indie films.

Central Perk
3 pm

Live At Podleza Bar&Fun

An unforgettable metal show with two bands Seven Hills and ARES! You can expect a lot of light, guitars and heavy sound.

Podleza Bar&Fun
9 pm

3rd December

Encaustic Exhibition

Encaustics or the art of painting with wax - Dima Ivanova will present unique painted cards. The exhibition can be seen by the end of the month.

Lovers of fine arts will be able to enjoy a Christmas exposition with cards painted with one of the most ancient and interesting art techniques - the Encaustic. Each of the cards is absolutely unique and can’t be repeated, making it an outstanding gift for the upcoming holidays. Due to the complexity of the technique, the artists who create the Encaustics are few.

The technique is particularly difficult because the paint is constantly warming, at the same time it has to be painted extremely quickly, as Encaustics doesn’t imply corrections like retouching - the first painting layer remains the last one. In the past, there were mystic elements of the Encaustic, such as dancing girls to the moonlight around the vessel where the wax melts, adding herbs, and so on. From an aesthetic point of view, the main advantage of this technique is the transparency of the color through which the base (of light) permeates. Technological advantage of the images is that they can be damaged only at high temperature.

Groove Music&Art
6 pm

No Sense Presents: Amateur tournament on Belote

No Sense starts an amateur tournament on Belote. Subscriptions are on a personal message on the facebook page, by phone - 0896738654 or on the spot. The entrance is a modest 2 lv. per person.

The first place takes the value of the entire collected input as a one-time voucher for consumption in No Sense.
Second place gets shots.
Third, they get a glass of cold water.

No Sense
5 pm