On the threshold of the new lockdown, have fun reasonably and drink one beer as for the last (at least until 21.12)


Ostroto Black Friday editon party

The last day before the Lockdown is Friday. Mitko Hila is the bar’s special guest for a really sharp party. They are waiting for you to give each other a toast for the last time before the bars close for at least a month!

Bar The Post

8 – 11.30pm


The Last Rave | closing party

Behind the bar will stand bar’s friend Daniel Dimitrov who will interfere with his special drink "Denis's Blur". Behind the pult are Petko Gochev from Organic Electronics with many new records, as well as the founder of the bar Vasil Mihov (Toppy), who has many old and favorite records.

Groove Music & Art Kapana

6 – 11.30pm



And this time Club Fargo will follow the tradition of welcoming the lockdown with a soul-warming set by the beloved Ilko!

Club Fargo

5 – 11.30pm  


Ilin Papazyan & Miroslava Todorova live

For the last time, before Bee Bop Cafè closes its doors at least until December 21, Miroslava Todorova and Ilin Papazyan will take the stage. Fascinated by the RnB and Jazz sound, they will immerse us in a different setting away from the current and the looming Lockdown # 2!

Bee Bop Café

8:30 p.m.


Black Friday - 50% & Peril @ BALLY CLUB

Bally starts early,  at exactly 4pm with -50% discount on alcohol so you  can have enough time! Behind the pult will be the young talent PERIL!!

Bally Club

4 – 11.30pm  


30th November

Chamber Scene 2020: "Mixing Vanity"

a multidisciplinary performance in which vanity is the protagonist. The action takes place in a world in which she is a role model and the screens are her mirrors, and the beauty continues to seek its recognition. A complex non-linear narrative of theater, jazz, electronics, fashion and video art on the idea of ​​Dimitar Bodurov, which explores the boundaries of vanity and narcissism, reminding what is truly valuable, beautiful and how through humility we can achieve it. The main role is entrusted to the charming actress Irmena Chichikova, and the impressive costumes are by designers from the team of IVAN ASEN 22 - a conceptual design platform.

Drama Theater – Plovdiv