This week in Plovdiv there will be beer for a whole weekend. You are expecting a beer premiere, two exclusive foreign participants and a special screening of a film


20th   - 26th June

Days of Thracian Culture - Music and Speech

From 20th to 26th June in Plovdiv, the Festival "Days of Thracian Culture - Music and Speech" is held. This year's program is very rich with the motto "Meeting of Civilizations".

The Culture of Troy will be presented for the first time in Bulgaria and Plovdiv.

You can see the program here

Cultural Center Trakart

21th – 23rd June

Lost Age                       

Lost Age is the world of your imagination, the world of your dreamed reality! The festival does not divide people into men and women, young and old, good and bad, but only people with fantasy and others. Lost Age will meet you with musicians, writers, artists, actors, dancers, craftsmen and many talented creators. The unique atmosphere of the event will be impregnated with mesmerizing and dancing live music. An important accent during the festival will be the celebration of the pagan feast of the summer solstice. Lost Age will leave you breathless and feel an unforgettable magical adventure. Do not miss your chance to show your imaginary self! Free entry.

Mladezhki Halm Park                                                                    

10 am – 11 pm


Sayulke b2b Denitza at FLUCA

Friday night music party at FLUCA - Austrian Cultural Pavilion!
lineup: Sayulke b2b Denitza

FLUCA - Austrian Cultural Pavilion

18 – 23:30 часа

21st – 22nd June


Birthday Weekend at BALLY CLUB

22 years old BallyClub!

Kapana art district has its brilliance in the face of Bally Club, cozy and pleasant venue with strong party traditions and 22 years of history! For their jubilee, they have invited prominent names to the electronic club scene, on Friday DJ Guerrero & DJ TODD will give smiles through the music selection specially prepared for the party. On Saturday, Yoko Love &  Varola, two talented DJs with a modern look at electronic music, will present a dynamic and inspiring DJ set with up-to-date and trendy club hits.

Bally Club

9 pm – 4 am


22nd – 23rd June

Two – Three Beers Fest

The third edition of the Two-Three Beers Fest focuses entirely on micro-brewing and craft beer not only in Bulgaria but also on the foreign scene. The first official summer weekend - 22 and 23 June - will bring together artisan brewers and lovers of craft beer in a pleasant urban environment. The event returns to one of the most central locations in the city under the hills - the border between Kapana and the Main Street so that a maximum number of visitors can get involved and enjoy the quality drinks. The participants are familiar from previous editions as well as brand new exhibitors. The two foreign breweries – the Spanish The Flying Inn and the Dutch Kompaan - will join exclusively to present beers not yet sold in Bulgaria. They can only be consumed within the two festival days. From the Bulgarian participants, the new ones are Beer Bastards, Dogma Brewery, Beer Box and Pivoteka, with the premiere of their first beer - Hala.

12 Zlatarska Str

1 – 23 pm – Saturday

1 – 20 pm – Sunday

Mediterranean Tales with Nikos Chliapas

Right at 9 pm the evening breeze will appear in the creative neighborhood, and behind the bar of Gingertale will stand the great Nikos Chliapas. He's just gonna get you some Mediterranean cocktails for you, and then there's no way out of Kapana creative district.

Are you interested?


9pm – 3am


24th June


During the last week of June 2019, for the 13th time, the courtyard of our museum will gather master craftsmen from all over the country. They will demonstrate the results of their hard work to anyone who is interested in laying eyes upon some of the finest handmade exhibitions. The artists will not only present their craft, but they will also prove that traditions can be kept alive through craftsmanship.

There will be artists from different schools of crafts which include knife makers, gun makers, coppersmiths, jewellers, luthiers, weavers, wood turners, woodcarvers, felt makers, doll makers, silk painters, egg painters, stained glass artists, embroiderers, knitters and many more.

As every year, the visitors of the museum will have the opportunity to attend and take part in the craftsmen’s demonstrations. Thanks to the traditional songs and dances you will feel the enigmatic spirit of the Kuyumdzhioglu house, built in the Bulgaria’s Revival Period. If you join the traditional bulgarian dance “horo” there will be an additional layer of emotion as the sound and creative atmosphere will transcend you back to the 19th century. Celebration of St. Peter’s Day will charge you with positive vibes – something you will remember for weeks to come.

Our partners are Regional Centre Sofia, UNESCO, Regional Chamber of Crafts – Plovdiv and Club "Friends of REM – Plovdiv".

National Ethnographic Museum – Plovdiv

24th June 5 pm – 30 th June 6 pm


25th June

Shiro Takatani. Between nature and technology

Welcome to a special screening of a documentary on one of the most significant and complex artists of our time. Nature. Matter. Spirit. Life. Screens of deception and lack of feelings. The film “Shiro Takatani. Between nature and technology” offers first-hand inspiration insights and a frank conversation with the master of lights from Japan.

Shiro Takatani is a famous Japanese multidisciplinary artist who combines natural elements such as water, clouds, and sand, with optical technology and video, philosophy, literature and performing arts. He has created impressive performances, interactive 3D water curtain functioning as a projection screen, color installations and many more works “beyond visible”.

Part of the documentary on his vivid artistic creations was filmed in Plovdiv in 2017. It was when Takatani presented for the first time in Bulgaria the performance CHROMA as a part of ONE DANCE WEEK contemporary dance festival.

Across Europe and Japan, this film covers over three decades of Shiro Takatani’s artistic journey through his installations, theatre and dance performances. Takatani and his collaborators (including composer Ryuichi Sakamoto) explain the driving principles behind his work where nature and people are observed through modern tools. Takatani uses technology to improve our understanding of our environment: enhancing infinitely small organisms, showing large scale galaxies, creating an interaction between performers / dancers with cameras and large screens. Carefully selected performances and installations – remarkably filmed – demonstrate the evolution of the Japanese artist's work.

16 Ekzarh Joseph St

7:30 – 8:30 pm


26th June

Language Cafe Plovdiv - June #Summermadness Edition!

Summer is finally here! And before you hit the road for your first season vacay, let’s go on a little trip together!
This June Languagecafeplovdiv invites everyone who wishes to meet new people, practice their foreign languages and show their phenomenal geography skills to come and have some plovdiv fun!
The topic of this Language Café is Summer Madness! We have prepared a night full of entertainment and games for everybody who is brave enough to guess some questions related to traveling and some of the world’s most famous holiday destinations. A grand prize is waiting for the great winner, who has paid the most attention in class!


8 – 11 pm


27th June

Swingin’ Thursdays

Thursdays don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!

Gingertale is the place where local swing mafiosos go. Every Thursday evening Kapana pulses under their dances and even the pavers move under the sound of jazz.

A mysterious mixed drink can be found at the bar, which can inspire every passer-by to try another drink and why not dance!


9:30 pm