This week in Plovdiv we will be at the Wrong fest and we will celebrate in the Old Town



11th September

Wrong Fest 2020

Organizers welcome you to one of the most mobile festivals in the known World.

Whether the Wrong Festival will bathe in the eternity of Plovdiv and finally establish itself somewhere - we are yet to find out.

Line up:


The Essential Funk Trombone
So Called Crew
Stop the Schizo

Rowing Channel, Plovdiv

11.09 – 4pm till 12.09 – 11:55pm


Ya Boogie at the Post

This Friday Ya Boogie will bring freshness and emotion again in the warm evening ... and Misho returns behind the bar after a short absence.

Come and have fun with a cocktail. Or two ...

The Post Bar

9pm – 3am

Tommy Riverra with Bally Club and Gin O'clock with Gordon's

Behind the pult will be the young and talented DJ Tommy Riverra. The music that describes it is characterized by deep bass lines, rhythmic elements, energetic, dynamic and melodic House, Deep, Tech, Afro, Electronica sound! An even more pleasant Friday atmosphere for the paving dances will be provided by a guest bartender with the special assistance of Gordon's. "Welcome drinks" for everyone and scratch cards with many surprises are waiting for you!

Bally Club

8.30pm – 3am


12th September

Pop-Up | RUSH streetlife store

14:00 - 21:00 Pop-Up Shop RUSH
17:00 - 23:00 sayulke (DJ set)
BRUS /IT/ (Graffiti)
Loop (Color testing)

Sunday (13.09)
12:00 - 19:00 Pop-Up Shop RUSH

RUSH street life store is a concept space dedicated to fashion, street art, music, design since 2010. Here you can find multi brand clothes, selected by Mariya and Tsvetomira NIkodimovi.

In 2012 Rush label is born like an international approach to fashion, began by creating purely on emotion.
The collections are defined with attention to detail and quality.

Each collection is characterized by re-invented iconic shapes, twisted into modern silhouettes.
These are the foundations of a personal, purposeful wardrobe that are anything but disposable.

An on-going exploration into perfecting the necessities of our time.

Wunderbær - Hills Beer Bar & Shop

12.09 2pm – 13.09 7pm


Bossa Nova in the garden - Concert of Miroslava Katsarova

The title of this boutique concert will be named after Mira Katsarova's latest song - "Barefoot New in the Garden", whose original premiere will take place in the middle of the dreamy atmosphere of the garden of DT Plovdiv. The author of the music and lyrics is Mira herself, and the arrangement is by Miroslav Turiyski. At the end of September, the musicians plan to record it and its studio version will appear first on Jazz FM radio, and then on other radio stations. The song is created in the tradition of the classical boss new aesthetics with details of jazz. In Mira's words, "it sounds a bit retro and is imbued with the expressive means of twentieth-century music and discrete nostalgia for a time when genres are pure."

Miroslava Katsarova's words suggest the chamber and intimate tone of the upcoming concert. It will not focus solely on the aesthetics of Latin American music and its derivative jazz.

Eclectic sound, electronic effects and a new reading of the music are just a few of the key words that promise "Bossa nova in the garden" to be a truly invigorating experience.

Drama Theater Plovdiv



Quarantine Film Festival is visiting Plovdiv

The Quarantine Film Festival is hosting an exclusive two-day edition in the city under the hills on September 12-13 (Saturday and Sunday). The two evenings at the foot of the Youth Hill, Plovdiv residents and guests of the city will be able to enjoy a precise selection of short films on various topics from around the world. We expect you to have fun together and send off the summer with a different cinematic experience.

Youth Hill

12.09 19:30 - 13.09 22:30


Bally Club pres. Street Music with YokoLove (GrooveLab)

Saturday's guest is the well-known and liked DJ YokoLove (GrooveLab), who will charge us with an incredible energy charge through our favorite music! His style embodies the deep and loving side of the new deep / tech sound. In addition to good music, quality alcohol, fresh cocktails and many promotions await you.

Bally Club

8.30pm – 3am


13th September

Outhentic at The Ancient Roman Stadium

On the 13th of September, at The Ancient Roman Stadium of Philippopolis in Plovdiv, at 19:30, Outhentic will once again bring the audience to the world of folklore, combined with jazz, funk and world music.
They will perform both well known pieces and compositions from their recently released album - "Transparent". The album is a reference to purity, truth and transparency contained in all the compositions included in it.


Zhivko Vasilev (kaval, keys)
Raina Vasileva (vocal, percussion)
Borislav Iliev (guitar, tamboura)
Stoil Ivanov (drums, percussion)
Guest musician: Mihail Ivanov (bass)

Roman Stadium

7.30pm – 9pm


14th September

Taste of Plovdiv Culinary Festival 2020 - Autumn Edition

Four different locations:
- Nebet tepe
- 2 Todor Samodumov Street (AMTII parking)
- the square in front of the church "St. st Constantin and Elena"
- 22 Saborna Street

The festival is held in two editions - spring and autumn, and includes culinary masterpieces, accompanied by an artistic and musical program. It is organized by the Trakia Restaurant and Hotel Association with the assistance of Plovdiv Municipality.


14.09 11am – 20.09 11pm

"The Road to the Top" - 5 stages, 5 concerts

The whole area of ​​Bunardjika will become one music zone.

Sting's magnificent music in a symphonic arrangement will announce the Liberators' Hill (Bunardjika Park) in Plovdiv on September 14, 2020. This will take place during the unusual concert Sting The Opera of the Stara Zagora State Opera Orchestra and the Military Big Band with conductor captain Tsvetomir Vassilev. The soloist is the Plovdiv jazzman Petar Salchev.

The idea of ​​the organizers from the Department of Culture, Archeology and Cultural Heritage of the Municipality of Plovdiv and the Central District is to turn the whole area of ​​Bunardjika into a space for music. There will be grand pianos, chamber ensembles and performers in different places, who will lead the audience to the stage at the top of the hill, and the big concert will take place there.

Bunardzhika Hill


Old Town Festival 2020

The OLD TOWN FESTIVAL has a long history. In the beginning it was held for one day, and in the last eight years it has been held for seven days. Edition 2020 will be the ninth edition with a seven-day program. Its concept is related to the promotion of the spiritual and historical heritage on the territory of Old Plovdiv - houses, museums, crafts, traditions. By attracting various guilds on the territory of the Old Town - craftsmen, artists, musicians, artists, scientists, etc., the forum invites the citizens and guests of Plovdiv in a memorable "walk" in time and space.

A series of concerts, exhibitions, theater, open-air cinema, restaurants, bars, pastry shops, outdoors, will be part of this year's edition of the Old Town Festival, which will be held from 14 to 20 September under the motto "TOGETHER AGAIN".

Traditionally, there will be special food areas with delicious traditional Bulgarian food, varied cuisine, sweet and ice cream stands, wine and beer.

Old Town Plovdiv

14.09 6pm – 20.09 9pm


16th September

Music Forum "Music of the Centuries": Concert of Bulgarian rock bands

The Music of the Ages 2020 festival starts on September 16 at 6.30 pm at the ROMAN STADIUM with a concert by Plovdiv artists Le 'Push, Heptagram and Nameless Day Ritual.

As a compliment to the Plovdiv audience, the event will be with FREE ENTRY!

The show starts at 18.30 and is a prelude to the next days of the festival, namely - the concert of UDO on September 18, 2020. , Friday, at the Ancient Theater and the second exclusive event, the concert "Bach and Mozart on 4 pianos" on September 19, 2020 (Saturday), again at the Ancient Theater.

The finalist, the star of "The Voice of Bulgaria" - Ivan Lazarov participates in the Plovdiv trio Le 'Push. Heptagram is a formation announced as a figment of the imagination of the music enthusiast and multi-instrumentalist Daniel Ivanov. Familiarity with their work is highly recommended for any connoisseur of contemporary Bulgarian music. Nameless Day Ritual will close the evening. They are one of the main names in the Plovdiv extreme scene, and their strongest side is the live performances! Here the stage will welcome one of the great ladies of rock - Asya Kantrandzhieva.

Ancient stadium

6.30 pm.


17th September

No Sense Karaoke Show

After an extraordinary break from the bar, they again have the opportunity to invite you to the "No Sense Karaoke Show", where you can sing your favorite songs together, no matter if you can.

The stage fever will be treated with shots, and the unsuccessful performances with even more shots!

No Sense

9:30pm – 3am