This week in Plovdiv we will enjoy street art and dance in our favorite bars


4th September

TheatAir 2020 Street Arts Festival

And this year the TheatAir festival finds its way to its audience! An incredible event, organised by the NGO "International Puppet-theatre Festival “Three Are Too Many, Two - Not Enough” and the State Puppet Theatre Plovdiv, with the support of the Municipality of Plovdiv.
From 4 to 6 September 2020, TheatAir will bring together artists from a variety of arts - theater, circus, music and magic, who will delight and amaze you in various outdoor locations in the city center.

* Get your free coupon from the theatre’s cash desk, the number of seats is limited


04.09 – 4.30pm till 06.09 – 6pm


"Week of Contemporary Art": Exhibition ON PAZOLINI - contemporary visions

Art Today Association - Center for Contemporary Art Plovdiv is proud to announce the group exhibition PO PAZOLINI - contemporary visions, which brings together in the Bath "Ancient" a variety of works by leading contemporary artists exploring the life and work of famous Italian director, author, poet and political activist, Pier Paolo Pasolini.
The exhibition brings together for the first time a significant number of works by international authors who have dealt with and continue to deal with Pasolini, exploring and engaging directly with him in works of art that use him, his life and work as inspiring sources for research on both its significance and the significance of works of art in highly politicized contemporary societies. 

Banya Starinna

6pm – 8pm


Bally Club Pres. Street mix w/ Varola

Behind the pult on 04.09 will be Varola in whose selection you will hear melodic and rhythmic deep / tech with deep bass lines, passing through dynamic groovy tech, sometimes with Spanish and oriental elements, reaching underground and tech house sound.

Bally Club

8.30pm – 3am


5th September


ИлинХ2 @ BeeBopCafé

On the Eve of the Reunion day, the stage of @ BeeBopCafé will bring together two musicians named Ilin!

"IlinX2" is a project that was born in the summer of 2019 and has been maturing for almost a year to delight music lovers with a different musical experience. Ilin Iliev and Ilin Papazyan will join forces to present original work and a new reading of their favorite songs from world music!

The seats are limited.

Reservation - recommended!




12 years artnewscafe

music by:


4pm – 11pm



Bally Club pres. Street Mix with SMOGB

The tradition continues on 05.09 too.  There will be enough time for dancing, unforgettable emotions and an explosion with a combination of R&B and Hip Hop rhythms by SMOGB

Bally Club

8.30pm – 3am


6th September

Exhibition "Evolution One" by Neycho Doychev

From September 6th to October 8th, the artist Neycho Doychev - D’Neycho will present to the Plovdiv audience "Evolution One" - an exhibition of retrospective nature, located on both floors in the Gallery "Kapana", 29 Rayko Daskalov Street. On the first floor the author will show the works from his project of the same name, and on the second floor there will be arranged works from different stages of his creative path.

Kapana Gallery

5pm – 8pm


10th September

Craft Fair 2020 - Autumn Edition

Autumn Crafts Fair 2020 will be held  two locations:
From 10.09.2020 to 13.09.2020 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) located on Rayko Daskalov Street (Little Main Street).
From 17.09.2020 to 20.09.2020 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) on Saborna Street (Old Town), as a side event of the "Old Town Holidays".

The event is implemented with the financial support of the Municipality of Plovdiv.
The Crafts Fair is held annually in two editions - spring and autumn with the main organizer Regional Chamber of Crafts with the support of the Municipality of Plovdiv.


No Sense Karaoke Show

After an extraordinary break from the bar, they again have the opportunity to invite you to the "No Sense Karaoke Show", where you can sing your favorite songs together, no matter if you can.

The stage fever will be treated with shots, and the unsuccessful performances with even more shots!

No Sense

9:30pm – 3am