This week in Plovdiv we will celebrate a birthday and enjoy good music


19th June

Kapana Summer Bazaar

From June 18 to 21 on Rayko Daskalov Street you will find one of the main and most beloved elements of Kapana Fest: the big author's bazaar for handmade products and handicraft foods! Over 80 Bulgarian authors will once again amaze us with their imagination and will present us with a smile and a personal attitude the wonderful products in which they have invested a lot of work and love. We will also enjoy selected tastes from the masterful hands of the best domestic producers of quality food and beverages. For the great mood, the organizers have once again trusted, who will select thematic music sets for your mood.             

Rayko Daskalov Str

10am – 10pm


Bally Club 23 Years Birthday Celebration - Day 1

Kapana art district has its brilliance in the face of Bally Club, a cozy and pleasant bar with long party traditions and 23 years of history! For their anniversary on Friday, they have invited DJ TODD, Skill & Philip, who are well-known DJs to the names of the fans in the city under the hills.We expect a strong explosion with a combination of DISCO, FUNK, R&B, Hip Hop rhythms and a massive underground sound.

Bally Club

8pm – 3am


Zlach - "Faith" album promo Plovdiv (club VOID)

Zlach's latest album is called 'Faith' and was supposed to be presented in Plovdiv months ago. Nothing, it's coming. All the crazy fucks are expected to be there with masks, first aid kits, hair dryers and colorful clippers. Everything else will be kindly provided by VOID Club.

Entrance with a disk: 15 leva

Only admission: 10 leva

T-shirt 'Faith': 25 leva


10pm – 3am


Beautiful music for beautiful people Beloslava & Jivko Petrov

One of the most melodic voices on the Bulgarian stage and the virtuoso of the black and white keys come to ROCK'n'BAR Bezisten!

The anti-COVID-19 season opened with Beloslava and Zhivko Petrov! The bar is waiting for you for a musical and full of emotion opening evening in the favorite garden of Bezisten!

ROCK'n'BAR Bezisten

8:30pm – 23:30pm


20th June

Deeptrip * Urban Edition * Lesson 7

It's time to go outdoors and recharge our creative energy through a different cultural and musical experience. This time we take the pult outside and start in the afternoon with light music and presentation of a jewelry collection, as well as we will hold a discussion focused on music as a source of positive vibrations and deep experiences through it! Then we will continue with a special hybrid set, which will include live elements.

For 2 years Deep Trip has been organizing music events. The idea originated in a small circle of friends and their passion for exploring the nuances and impact of music.

Groove Music & Art Kapana

4pm – 01am


Birthday Party with Ivo, Nino & Peril - 20 June

On Saturday, behind the pult will be IVO, NINO & PERIL - three talented DJs with a modern look at electronic music, who will present their dynamic, inspiring and festive DJ set with current and modern club hits.

Bally Club

9pm – 4am 


Melformator at Hills Brewery Park

6 DJ & 6 Hills Beer in a 12 hour musical daily set on the lawns of Hills Brewery Park.


Melformator is a dj / vj band from Plovdiv, focused on organizing and participating in events at more unusual locations and music with a positive charge.

You will hear DJ sets from:


denitza / good vibes /





You will enjoy 6 types of live beer near the Hills beer brewery. 6 artists from Melformator set the inspiration for us.

At the cocktail bar from 17:00. the professional bartender and mixologist Ilian Iliev (One More Bar) will be a guest. We will be able to taste 6 cocktails dedicated to each of the 6 DJs.

Hills Brewery Park

11am – 11pm


21st June


After a long stay at home, the Austrian cultural pavilion comes out on 38 Otets Paisiy Street with a new exciting program for the 2020 season curated by SARIEV GALLERY.

For its pre-opening Fluca has prepared a special surprise together with the Plovdiv artists - Martina Vacheva, Mitch Brezounek and Valko Chobanov. Our favorite city furniture "Enzi" will be transformed into a modern artistic installation, which we will have the opportunity to enjoy throughout the Fluca season.

The event will start in the afternoon  with a music selection by the independent radio of Plovdiv XRaydio on the occasion of his 9th birthday.

FLUCA - Austrian Cultural Pavilion

2pm – 11pm 


23rd June

Dialogues II Concert

The second event on June 23, 2020 is a vivid musical-image dialogue of works by Russian titans - Alexander Scriabin, Sergei Rachmaninoff and Dmitry Shostakovich. Solo, chamber and piano-symphonic works will be performed, created in amplitude from the last years of the XIX to the middle of the XX century, the so-called "silver age" of Russian culture.

The pianists Dr. Velislava Stoyanova, Evridika Valcheva, Lucia Veleva, Martin Dafinov and Prof. Romeo Smilkov are participating.

Admission is free

Cultural center Trakart

6pm – 7pm


24th June

Scriptwriter for a night – Be creative, beat the competition

A screenwriter for one night is an event where in a single evening you will learn how to write a screenplay and write your own one on a given topic. Finally, you will read it together and the best of you will receive a nice prize.

For this purpose, we recommend that you gather your team of co-writers, because unlike the intimate artistically inspired literary creation, screenwriting is in most cases a team work.

The host of the event will be Deyan Georgiev, who besides being the owner of Offline Cafe also has many years of experience in television and web space as a screenwriter.


Conditions for participation:

• Assemble a team of up to 6 people. If you do not have such a team, you are welcome yourself. We will find you a team. There have been such cases during our past events and the participants found a challenge in the improvised teams.

• Each team needs at least one laptop.

• You need to download the appropriate scripting software. You can also write in Word, subject to certain format requirements, but I recommend - The program is completely free and intuitive.

• The entrance fee is 10 leva per person

Offline Café

18:30pm – 11pm



25th June

A stage for ideas and disputes

"STAGE FOR IDEAS AND DISPUTES" is a series of public acting readings of author's texts, presenting different points of view on problems, historical events, personalities and ideas.

The new theatrical format of Drama Theater-Plovdiv aims to awaken the sharp polemical spirit needed by modern society, to revive the names of forgotten Bulgarian and world thinkers, to illuminate controversial moments of our historical existence, to make us look boldly into the future.

The peculiar theatrical form is aimed at the spectators, for whom thinking is a way, the clash of ideas - an adventure, the awakened questions - a delight for the mind and intellect.

Admission is free with tickets taken in advance from the ticket office and "Gallery 28". Places are very limited. The readings are held on the summer stage in the yard of the Plovdiv Drama Theater

Drama Theater - Plovdiv

8:30pm – 9:30pm


HandMade Park l Plovdiv 2020

We are facing an incredible fest and bazaar, which will host dozens of Bulgarian artists for the second year in a row. This time, however, places are limited. We have exactly 33 creative spaces and special, new conditions to make our meeting even more enjoyable.

The youth hill

6pm – 11pm