This week in Plovdiv is dedicated to performances and music


28th February


On Feb. 28, two well-known industry pioneers who are well-known DJ names of fans and especially music nerds in the city under the hills will be taking care of the mood. They will present their music, which is a guarantee for a party mood all night long!

Bally Club                                                                                            

10 pm – 4 am


Прогг+ Pink Tsonk/Elen/movieman/Plamen K

PROGG is an unpretentious B2B music project by Plamen K and Pink Tsonk. The idea is to show modern underground progressive music. In the extended edition of PROGG +, special guests are Elen, movieman from Startrax, movieman & Victor. As you might guess from the name, the music will be basically progressive house / tech house / techno. The venue will be our knowledgeable Club VOID in a slim size version where the sound is uncompromising. Put on comfortable shoes and get ready to dance


10 pm – 6 am


29th February

Charity Bazaar for martenitsi

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from the coffee shop organize a charity bazaar for martenitsi to help a child with cancer. The bazaar will be held at Sezoni Artisti del gusto illy (8 Kubrat St., Plovdiv) and will offer a wide variety of martenitsi made by volunteers. Everyone is welcome to participate and no consumptionis required. The remedies will be collected in a donation box.

Sezoni Artisti del gusto illy

10 am – 8 pm


Cat in the wall Guests – The actresses from London and directors

A special screening of the CAT in the WALL movie with guests Irina Atanasova and Gilda Wa from London, as well as the two directors Mina Mileva and Vesela Kazakova.

Cat in the Wall is a politically incorrect comedy drama, set in a London city block. A whirlwind of comedic situations and dramatic twists, laughter, hatred and despair gravitate to the main question – can English methodicality to conquer Bulgarian irreconcilability.

Club Fargo

7 - 8:30 pm

23rd February


Acoustic Night With Nadezhda Alexandrova @Vintage House

You know her as the girl with the angelic voice that turned the four chairs of the coaches in the Voice of Bulgaria.

Nadezhda Alexandrova comes to present you some of her favorite songs, supported by Ilin Papazyan's guitar. Get ready for a very special night filled with lots of pop, jazz and soul !!

Save your seats and come enjoy her huge talent !!

Vintage House

9 - 11:30 pm


1st March

Baba Marta City Day Celebration

On the day of Baba Marta, at exactly 11 o'clock in front of the Municipality, libraries of Plovdiv will gift passengers with authentic martenitsi.

A full month before March 1, the artists from the art studios at the Plovdiv libraries intertwined white and red threads and created the Bulgarian symbol of health, joy and beauty. The Plovdiv residents will be surprised by the original Pizzo and Penda and traditional martenitsas with beads and silver coins woven into them.

The initiative is of the Municipal Library Council.

Municipality Building

Stefan Stambolov Square

11 am



"Reincarnation" is a dance theatrical multimedia show about the love between an Amazon woman and a Roman man, who have been reborn through the centuries in an attempt to live their lives together. Performance with over 30 participants, 17 dances, dynamic choreography and lighting, 8 by 3 m LED screen and maximum multimedia impact, creating the impression of a "live" movie. With the special participation of Dian Raychev, Lilyana Popova, Vasilena Karamanlieva, Stefan Lozanov, Vasil Karamanliev.

Boris Hristov House of Culture

7:30 - 10:30 pm


Swing Movie Night vol. 3

It's time for one of our favorite traditions - Swing Movie Night! For the third time we will gather in the cozy atmosphere of The Post Bar to enjoy a classic old movie.

The film High Society brings together well-known talents like Frank Sinatra, Grace Kelly, Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong. It will entertain us with comedy, romance, jazz, and of course - dance performances.

Come and dive into nostalgia and vintage inspiration!


2nd March

We sing for Bulgaria

Festive concert - performance presented by the talents of the vocal group "Bambini" , dedicated to the National holiday of Bulgaria - March 3!

The event on the stage promises a real holiday in the spirit of patriotism and gives a whole new sound in the performance of well-established samples of the Bulgarian national and national songs.

Tickets on the Eventim network.

Boris Hristov House of Culture

7:00 - 8:30 pm


3rd March

National Liberation Day with Free Plovdiv Tour

According to the tradition, Free Plovdiv Tour takes place every single day and all of our tours are in English so that more of the guests of our city could use our services.

This year though on the Third of March, The Liberation Day of Bulgaria, we are going to organise a tour in Bulgarian as well.
It going to start together with our regular tour at 2 pm in front of the Municipality Building (the Town Hall) and it is suitable for both guests from other Bulgarian cities and locals.

We are kindly asking all of you who are interested in joining our special tour to notify us in advance by sending us a message on Facebook regarding the size of your groups or by filling in the following survey:

Municipality Building

Stefan Stambolov Square

4 – 6 pm


4th March

International Board Games Meetup Plovdiv

If you like board games or just want to meet new people, this event might be the perfect way to chill, have a drink and laugh with people from various corners of the world.
Even if you are not familiar with any kind of tabletop experience, you need not to worry. There will be a lot of people who will be. Also, the staff will be there to help you with everything you need, even with the rules of all games.
Even better.
We can recommend a game for you and your friends. If you just come alone, you should know that board games are one of the best and fastest way to get to know people. So this event is especially for you.
We have a lot of international customers from different parts of the globe that find this hobby fascinating but still haven't had the chance to find a group that can play regularly with.

Offline Café

7 - 11 pm


5th March

Alek Kirev & Fabric

The song "North Star" is the latest single released by Alec late last year.

You can hear the song here - and also on Spotify

Fabric Bar

9:30 pm - 00:30 am