This week in Plovdiv it is time for swing and kitsch


Cover photo: Georgi Matov

7th February

Ska&Swing Party |White IPA

The first Ska & Swing party for 2020 begins. Music selection will be provided by Mr. Mo, with jumpy Jamaican beats and Mrs. Mi with rotating jazz motifs. Any kind of swinging, spinning and bouncing is absolutely mandatory. Let's not forget that the party is on Friday and there will be a special beer. This week the brewery has mixed an interesting experiment - Wheat IPA. The beer is aromatic, with spicy notes and added coriander. The hops were taken care of by the selected hops - El Dorado, Sorachi Ace and Simcoe. Round and thick taste with 6 vol. % alcohol.

Fabric Bar                                                                                                          

7 pm – 23:30 pm


8th February

Spooktacular Soiree with Monster KARLO

Saturday Bar The Post will be filled with eternal hits and beats that we all know and love. This part of the program will be handled by the Monster Karlo selector and cocktails are from Misho and Mash Mitaka.

Bar The Post

9 pm – 3 am


9th February

Kitsch Swing Party

It is time for kitsch! For the first time in Plovdiv we will swing in our most eye-catching outfits, with no restriction in the combinations of colors or amount of accessories. Tiger stripes, pink feathers and everything else that will make us smile are welcome.

The spacious dance floor and well stocked bar at Bee Bop Café will make us forget all concepts of good and bad taste. The evening will be memorable, but photographers will not be allowed in to take evidence.

So put on your best ugly outfit and come dance like no one is watching!

Entrance fee: 5 BGN

Bee Bop Café

09 pm – 01 am


10th February

No Sense presents: Boozy Monday

You will have the opportunity to enjoy the well-known Negroni cocktail and two more variants of it, selected by the bartenders. In addition to the classics, you will also be able to enjoy the Greek flavor featuring Metaxa 12 *, selected beers and aromas. At the same time, for those of you already craving summer and orange sunsets, the bar has an even more Aperol-flavored taste, as well as notes of raspberry and strawberry laced with Gordons pink.

Rediscover yourself with a special selection to give a proper start to the week!

No Sense

8 pm – 03 am


11th February

The path of an artist with Dimitri Stefanov

Documentary photography is a way of life, it is not a trend. It is not measured in consumer value. It is genuine, sincere and not claiming to be great. It just has to remain a trail to grow with time.

In these few hours we will talk about how we can get ourselves together. How to lose ourselves and then find ourselves. Or in a nutshell, find the answer to the questions:

- Who are we as artists (photographers)?

- What are the key moments (periods) in the life of a documentary photographer?

- Where are the borders and who defines them? Are there any?

- How to ask questions with photos, but not to answer?


7 – 10 pm

Organized by


12th February

Fargo Short Film: Best of 2019

Our first edition of 2020 will be dedicated to some of the best films we've seen in the past year. We start with the wonderful OROBOROS (7 min.), then as follows: AS A SUGAR COTTON by Yana Lekarska, also known as THE BRIDGE. (18 min.), the magnificent FLUTER animation. (10 min.), and we finish with the YURUSKA MAHALA (14 min.).

Club Fargo

7:30 pm - 11:30 pm


13th February

Quiz Night @Vintage House

Once again it's time to find out the season of Quiz Evenings! We have prepared many new and interesting questions for you! We look forward to sharing your knowledge, learning and fun together this year too!

Vintage House

8:30 pm - 11:30 pm