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24th January

Miroslav Ivanov New Album Promo @Bee Bop Café

Miroslav Ivanov's third album is called Little Alien. While the first - Directions, is a look at different musical directions, the second - Circus is a return to childhood, the third is definitely a look up into space, where besides planets and meetings of the third kind, we find Bulgarian folk elements.

The album contains 8 compositions that are fundamentally different as musical ideas, because even in this album Miro retains his "no" style.

Bee Bop Café
9 pm
Entry: 10 BGN

Northern Impact: Influence

Northern Impact is excited to present its fourth event in unparalleled Plovdiv! After three powerful parties full of energy, it's Influence’s turn. The Plovdiv electronic community will have the opportunity to hear Enrico Chirchiello of Canada and Dario Coiro of Italy, new residents Zhanna and General G, as well as the well-known duo Kamelía & Vass Nikoloff. Get ready for a constructive and cultural musical evening.

11 pm

Kiril Ivanov Painting Exhibition

The City Art Gallery invites us to the opening of the solo exhibition of painting by Kiril Ivanov, who, in addition to being a talented artist, is also a long-time employee of the gallery. The exhibition is retrospective, as he will turn 40 in 2020. True to his preference for oil painting on canvas, Kiril will present nearly 40 paintings created during various creative periods, but with a distinctive color and rich colorful form. The canvases will be arranged on the first floor in the Temporary Exposition Halls at 15 Knyaz Alexander I Street, where they will be visible until mid-February.

City Art Gallery
Opening: 24 January, 6 pm

25th January

Back to the 80's by Lynn

This Saturday Lynn is back in the bar with a new selection of 80s hits. Put on your retro clothes and your dancing shoes, because we will dance and sing until late.

The Post
9 pm

Divo pivo: Two years later

Two years ago, on January 25, the first brewery of DIVO PIVO in the village of Mramor burned down. However, the boys quickly recovered and built themselves a brand new brewery. Let's drink beer together for a brighter and more beer-filled future for microbrewers!

This Saturday at Cat and Mouse, we will taste the latest beer in the Divo Pivo range - Porter 5%. There will be 1 keg and one box of surprises!

Cat & Mouse
12 o’clock

28th January

Nebet Tepe magazine celebrates one year with a concert

It’s been one year since the launch on the market of the bilingual magazine Nöbettepe. The edition is of the Bulgarian-Turkish Literary Club, which invites all its fans to celebrate the anniversary together. The event will be accompanied by a concert of students from AMTI "Prof. Asen Diamandiev". They will perform the "First Songs" of the great composer Fazl Sai, which will be their premiere performance for Bulgaria.

Radio Plovdiv
6 pm