Cool concerts, standup comedy, and DJ parties in Plovdiv this week


10th January

Kerana & kosmonavtite @Bee Bop Café

This Friday, we will see Kerana & kosmonavtite on the stage of Bee Bop Café. We'll hear all the band's original songs and some completely disfigured covers.

Bee Bop Café
9 pm
Entry: 8 BGN

MoneyToBlow 2.0

Friday is an international dance day! Qbar has prepared DJ Todor Tumbalev, delicious cocktails and thousands of smiles for us tonight!

9 pm

Bloodrush acoustic - Plovdiv + Le'Push

Fans of acoustic vibes will be able to enjoy Bloodrush live in Plovdiv. Le’Push will join the concert.

Post Culture
7:30 pm
Entry: 10 BGN

Throwback Friday / Meet the Oldies

On Friday, we will go back to past times in the history of our favorite bar. For full authenticity, they have invited some of the "old players" behind the bar, who will again rock us with cool music and many, many shots!

9 pm

Artist, draw me Freija

One night with the sounds of Scandinavian folk songs and Viking sagas with the band Freija. The different thing will be that the mythical creatures inhabiting the northern fairy tales will get their image in the paints of the artist Ivan Bogoev. The bizarre collaboration between music and painting will transport Plovdiv into the world of heroes and Valkyries, the tree of Yggdrasil, the wolf Fenrir and the wonderful Freya, who is always looking for her beloved Oder.

Vintage House
9 pm

11th January

Resident Night: Kalyas

Saturday is set to be sunny under the hills and the ice rink will be full of people. And the guest of The Post tonight will be the unique Kalyas.

The Post
9 pm

14th January

Viva Vivaldi

With the special participation of violinist Liya Petrova - invited to be a soloist at the Closing Ceremony of the European Capital of Culture! Liya Petrova is a violinist with a brilliant international career, who won first prize at the prestigious Karl Nielsen International Competition in Denmark. She plays with the unique Italian violin Matteo Goffriller from 1690, provided by Queen Elizabeth Music Chapell.

Conductor - Konstantin Dobroykov
Soloists: Liya Petrova, violin
Kyoko Morooka, bassoon

State Opera Plovdiv
7 pm