In the last days of the year, we will get ready to welcome 2020 at the coolest parties in our favorite bars


27th December

Winter Jamboree w/ Kalyas

This Friday, besides wintery, cold and not very snowy, is the day after Christmas - Stefanovden. Kalyas will be visiting The Post. Of course, he won't serve you cocktails, but he will probably have a few as he takes care of the music. And the Chief will be there too...

The Post
9 pm

0110111001101111 + future

The end of the decade is coming, and the troubled future is already darkening the sky with its shadow. Hip hop and metal underground will have a point of contact. Plainscape, JFT, Icaki, Novem ,and Rogachev will be waiting for you on the bridge, it's time to jump.

Post Culture
6 pm
Entry: 6 BGN

Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Cunts VOL.2

Lock stock & two smoking cunts vol.2 is the second part of a series based on the story of two intolerant to bad music boys from the European ghetto who not only shorten their lives permanently but make it well and in good company.

After an anonymous vote, R.A.D.I.D.A.S. & The Great Value are reunited in an agreement against boredom, sobriety, melody of the year, bad bars and productive Saturdays, devoid of headaches and drugstore visits.

Plus, what to do until New Year's Eve besides training to feel bad...

Bee Bop Café
9:30 pm

28th December

Voodooo People vol. 4 (rave party)

Voodooo People is a theme electronic party inspired by the music of The Prodigy, Leftfield, Orbital, Underworld, The Chemical Brothers, Joey Beltram, Meat Beat Manifesto, The Crystal Method, Fluke, Richie Hawtin and many other notable electronic artists from the 90s and The 2000s.

The past three editions have been visited by over 500 people.

Behind the decks will be a movieman, and the evening will be accompanied by a thematic video.

Post Culture
9 pm
Entry: 3 BGN

DJ TODD at The Post

There are only a few days left until the New Year and that is why it is good to use them properly! After the rich and heavy Christmas dishes, it's time to get moving with the fresh sounds of DJ TODD's selection. It is he who will be visiting The Post this Saturday and as always everyone is welcome. Put on your dance shoes and grab a cocktail from the bar - the mood will come by itself.

The Post
9 pm

29th December

Oh, Sunday!

Oh, Sunday is a delicious transition from Christmas treats to other holiday fun, including music and socializing on a full stomach. Welcome to a leisurely afternoon snack where anyone can prepare and bring something from their home kitchen to try different delicacies, share lazy emotions over a glass, and share it with friends. Elen and Plamen K will take care of the music background, while the rest will be enjoying their last Sunday for 2019.

3 pm

Sunday Party / DJ Pop CoЯe

The bar won’t be empty around the holidays! DJ Pop CoЯe will be there on the last Sunday of 2019!

Rock Bar Download
10:30 pm

30th December

Zamunda - Erol of Wickeda - Live at Club Void

Traditional December Concert of Zamunda Banana Bend, supported by the face of Wickeda - Erol. In his performance, you'll hear an entire set of songs from the iconic band, as well as a few of his new project - General Yogurt. The charismatic frontman will be joined on the stage by some of Zamunda Banana Bend's musicians, as well as the guests we keep secret.

There will be over two-and-a-half hours of live music from the two bands, and the after party is also in the hands of Erol, who will play music in the styles of reggae, ska, dancehall, punk and more all night long.

9 pm

11 Years Bar Fabric

Fabric Bar is inviting us to their 11th birthday, which will be celebrated properly. We will be partying with DJ SKILL.

9 pm

31st December

New Year's Eve @Petnoto

How do you feel about the idea of 3000 people freezing on a town square? How would you like to pay a three-digit sum for a small vodka and a pork chop with mushroom sauce? Do you like to listen to the same old hits with the legendary "White Rose" anthem leading the pack? Sounds amazing, right? In that case, don't BY ANY MEANS go to the New Year's Eve party in Petnoto! There, it will be warm and cozy, meals won't have to be paid for in advance and the music will be selected by R.A.D.I.D.A.S! For reservations - don't you dare calling 0878 509 703! All clear? Good. See you then!

9:30 pm

New year party at No Sense

On New Year's Eve at No Sense, the music pleasures of tonight will be provided by Bai Lubo and Hilla. The champagne is from the bar, and there will also be plenty of shots, cocktails ,and promotions.

9 pm
Entry: 10 BGN


The mood for the New Year’s Eve in VOID will be taken care of by:

Pink Tsonk
Plamen K

11 pm
Entry: 10 BGN