Here's what's happening this week


13th December

Walk on the water

Nine colorful photos reflecting one world event – The Floating Piers by Cristo and Jean-Claude at Lake Iseo, Italy.

The exhibition is an attempt to recall that art in its purest form is not dependent on external factors and originates in free choice. Also, the artist must uphold his views and not compromise his ideas in the process of realization of the work.

Raicho Dimitrov has participated in two joint exhibitions - Plovdiv Contemporary Architecture and Here and Beyond. His photographs have been published in Contemporary, a journal for literature and art, and in Architecture, a journal for architectural creativity, architectural theory, and criticism.

13 December – 5 January
Opening: 13 December, 6 pm

Up To Snow Good / DJ Rado

The fatal Friday is here! It will be the last of the year, but the occasions for the party continue, with RADO after midnight. On Friday the 13th go and see how lucky you will be at the bar. The DJ is exactly 5 times 13 inches tall... This coincidence is no accident!

Rock Bar Download
10 pm

Guest Bartender

This Friday the 13th we will have fun under the sounds of DJ VALETO. We’ll forget about all the superstitions and immerse ourselves in the magic of the night. You will have the opportunity to enjoy interesting, bold and memorable cocktails mad by Mash Mitak.

9 pm

Monster BASH w/ Monster KARLO

This Friday is kind of special... Whether because it's 13.12 or just Friday the 13th, alcohol blackouts, weird ghosts, black cats and drunken loners are expected ... It's definitely going to be scary. On this sinister day, MONSTER KARLO will take care of the music and the favorite bartenders – of the drinks.

The Post
9 pm

15th December

Movie bazar

December is one of the most appropriate months for giving and receiving gifts, and what better gifts than movie presents. This weekend will be the first edition of a theme movie bazaar, in which anyone can display a part of their collection of films and film material for sale/exchange/gift.

Blu ray, DVD, VHS, LaserDisc, movie soundtracks, screenplays, posters, encyclopedias, magazines, books, figurines, and any material related to the seventh art.

To participate in the bazaar, you need to send a message on the Facebook page.

Fargo Club
2 pm

18th December

Bulgarian a capella: Spectrum Vocal Band

"Spectrum" presents their album "Intersection" - interweaving different influences, themes and styles - pop, jazz, funk, and Bulgarian folklore. The songs are diverse and colorful, as are the vocalists themselves in the Spectrum Vocal Band. Each of the singers in the project has a different professional musical background, but a capella manages to unite their musical universes and turn them into an organism, harmonious and pulsating in a common rhythm.

Bee Bop Café
8 pm
Entry: 10 BGN