Live music in Plovdiv this week


29th November

Goraswing @Contrabass

In the history of jazz, the saxophone trio has a special place. One of the formats that are most difficult to interpret and perceive, it gives exceptional freedom and space for interpretation of participants in it.

In Goraswing, Dimitar Lolev, Vasil Hadzhigrudev and Stefan Goranov present their understanding of the combination of freedom and responsibility stemming from the essence of the saxophone jazz trio, performing new compositions and old tunes that have become the basis of contemporary American music.

The trio will be joined this time by Miroslav Turiyski, bringing a new perspective on the compositions of Stefan and the folklore of black America.

9 pm

Koka Mass Jazz and The Kitchen Brothers @Bee Bop Café

This Friday we will have the opportunity to enjoy the music of Koka Mass Jazz. Behind the name stands one of the most successful Bulgarian musicians - Konstantin Katsarski, whose tracks are on the playlists and charts of many radio stations around the world, such as BBC Radio 1, KCWR, Amazing Radio, IBIZA SONICA RADIO and many others.

The highlight of Friday night will be on the second album - ELEPHUNKY TRIP, which premiered on September 14, 2018 (under European label Time Warp Music) and reached the # 1 spot in the chart for the first week after its release in Europe's largest Juno Download music platform (funk style), with 2240 downloads.

Bee Bop Café
9 pm
Entry: 10 BGN

30 ноември

Mila Robert in Plovdiv

Mila Robert in the company of Jazzdork (Yavor Karagitliev) makes satirical pop, chalga punk or just a show. Jawpains takes care of the visual part and takes care of every detail. We want people around the world and here to feel love.

Scena On Air
8 pm
Entry: 10 BGN

Lock Stock & Two Smoking Cunts

Lock stock & two smoking cunts is the story of two guys intolerant to bad music from the ghetto of Europe who not only shorten their lives permanently, but do it well and in good company.

R.A.D.I.D.A.S. & The Great Value unite in an agreement against boredom, sobriety, the tune of the year, bad bars and “productive” Sundays, devoid of headaches and drugstore visits.

Bee Bop Café
9:30 pm

ATILA live

Atila has been one of the major hip-hop philosophers in the Bulgarian underground for the last 15 years. His lyrics, which are suitable for every hour of the Bulgarian day, are the ointment that is best applied live.

10 pm
Entry: 7 BGN

Last Hope new album promo + Delate & Redound

Sofia hardcore legends Last Hope will present their new album Peacemaker. Along with them, the club will be shaken by Delate and REDOUND, so the fun is 100% guaranteed. Put on old sneakers and get ready for dancing.

Fabric bar
7:30 pm
Entry: 10 BGN

Julieta Intergalactica

Julieta Intergalactica is the artistic alter ego of the talented artist, illustrator and music fan Jasen Zgurovski, for whom the kitsch makes the world interesting and diverse, and peace and happiness are in the order of things. The music selection will be colorful and eclectic - from retro electro, pop kitsch and performance music to dark disco, italo, romantic and synth pop!

Fargo Club
9 pm

1st December

Rhythm RACCOONS Birthday Blowout

Rhythm RACCOONS have been dancing together for a whole year! This Sunday we will celebrate all the wonderful moments, new friendships and exciting dances that have brought us together in this time.

Excellent swing jazz will be selected by DJ Bogdan Kovachev. The newest Rhythm RACCOONS students will perform their very first swing choreography. There will be games, excitement and a few surprises. And all of this will be documented through the lens of Denna Bosh Photography.

Bee Bop Café
9 pm
Entry: 5 BGN