We start the weekend under the flags of Kapana and during the week our evenings will be full of interesting events

Photo: Georgi Matov

31st May

Kapana Fest 2019. The Legacy

It’s a new era for Plovdiv. It’s a new era for the world! In this new era we the believers, we the seekers, we the doers, make our choice! We choose to leave the world at least a bit better than we found it. Kapana Fest has started this 5 years ago. And it will keep going with ever growing passion!

This year you will only see us once. But the sight will be worth it! Our theme for 2019 is THE LEGACY.
Because this is not just a 3-day event. It is meant to last. We believe Kapana deserves to grow ever more colorful, more attractive and more amazing. And we want to contribute.

Come along! And together we will turn the buildings of Kapana into canvases for the greatest artists to paint. We will make forests out of its alleys. Galleries out of its hidden corners. Cinema halls out of its squares. Of its trees, we will create sculptures. We will turn its pulse into music and its emotion will raise us up. Above the pavement. Above the mountains. To the skies.

31 May – 2 June

Retro Party ft. Jimi Jay

An evening, dedicated to the unforgettable pop and rock hits of the 20th century, awaits us this Friday in Petnoto. The dress code is retro, and DJ Jimi Jay will take care of your good mood!

9 pm

The Wizards of 3 Оз

3oz Bartenders Crew are the wizards without whom Gingertale would not be the same magical place. Nikolay, Tzvetan, and Hristo mixed the first cocktails. Now the 3 Oz wizards are returning to the favorite bar in Kapana with new superpowers. Can they awaken princesses with green mixed potions? They can do everything, just come to the bar.

The first edition of the series will take place at Kapana Fest, and behind the bar will be the genius Tsvetan Tsvetanov. The theme of alcoholic beverages specially created by him is "with healthy ingredients and no added sugar". On Saturday night, the magic powers will double, because behind the deck will be Ihou, with whom your feet will start dancing themselves.

31 May, 1 June
8 pm

YokoLove & Varola at BALLY CLUB

During the Kapana Fest, behind the decks at Bally Club will stand the well-known Plovdiv DJs - YokoLove and Varola a.k.a DGP.

In the live set of the two talented guests you will hear a melodic and vocal DeepTech with deep bass lines through rhythmic and dynamic groovy tech, sometimes with Spanish and Oriental elements that reach underground and tech house sound. In addition to fine music, you can enjoy quality alcohol, fresh cocktails, and many promotions.

Bally Club
9 pm

1st June

Local Stories

Local Stories is an exhibition that unravels the stories behind authentic Bulgarian traditions and
unique historic sights. Designed by local artists Boyko Taskov and Anna Georgieva, this project aims to help fellow travelers discover and share Bulgarian folklore, history, and traditions, and to connect the present to its roots.

1 – 9 June


On the first of June, the party is guaranteed because the well-known DJ Danny will stand behind the decks. His mixes have a specific sound, they are distinguished by quality sound, groovy elements, decorated with percussions, included instrumental motifs and crisp vocal acapella, characteristic of the dance music.

Bally Club
9 pm

3rd June

Beyond the walls

Our art margins will be tested for a third consecutive year on June 3, when the new exhibition of Prison Art will be opened. The products are made by those deprived of liberty in Plovdiv Prison, which took part in creative activities under the Art of Life through the Life of Art Project, initiated by the United Professionals for Sustainable Development Association.

Trakart Cultural Center
3 – 9 June
Opening: 3 June, 6 pm

4th June


After a long break the alternate trio Mindown returns with new material and new members.

9:30 pm
Entry: 8 BGN

6th June

Kristian Jelev Quartet Live

After the successful debut at the end of last year on the stage of BeeBop Café, Kristian Jelev Quartet is back with their first album, 3 Way Call. Together with the elite of the Plovdiv jazz stage, namely Nikolay Karageorgiev (guitar), Miroslav Turiyski (piano) and Alexander Lekov (bass), Kristian Jelev will lead you through his musical reality.

BeeBop Café
8:30 pm
Entry: 10 BGN