Here's what's happening in Plovdiv this week


8th November

Urban Games Festival Fusion

For whom?
For everyone who wants to feel the thrill and look at the city from a different perspective. We’re giving you 10 different games that will allow you to explore the city, search for clues, solve mysteries, cooperate and compete, and be the best.

Where and when?
We turn the whole Plovdiv into a playground. The starting place for each game will be given later. The Festival center is SKLAD in the Tobacco City. The FUSION - Urban Games festival lasts 3 days from 8th November till 10th November, during which we will play 10 different games coming from Italy, Poland, Germany, UK, Russia and Bulgaria.

To enjoy yourself, feel like a child for a moment. To celebrate Matera and Plovdiv as two Capitals of Culture for the year 2019 and look at those cities form a different perspective.

For each game, there is a different registration. You can register using the links: and

Alina Papazova – Imaginary Room

Contemporary Art Gallery Cu29 invites us to the opening of the Imaginary Room -
Alina Papazova's first solo exhibition featuring ceramic objects, panels and drawings.

Alina Papazova graduated with a major in Graphics and Illustration with an additional major in Ceramics from NBU in 2018. Her master's degree focuses mainly on ceramics, again at New Bulgarian University. In 2017, Alina won the Young Artist Award at the Raiko Alexiev Gallery Ceramics Festival, and in 2019 she won 2nd place in the "Expat Global Art" contest with an element of the "Imaginary Room".

"imaginary room" is a space that doesn’t come out of reality, although at first glance it seems based on drawings with sketches, moments and details of everyday life. "The room embodies my need for my own space, which I can only imagine and materialize with only plastic material, or at least then that was the only way I could. Objects in themselves shouldn’t be a necessity in our lives, but we seem to spiritualize them on an unconscious level, surround ourselves with them and breathe life into them through the thoughts and feelings we project on them.” In Alina's eclectic handwriting, they find references to multicolored consumer image idolization, but pop art objects in the Imaginary Room have their own urge to come to life, while self-portraits are like a hint that everything is in fact illusory.

Opening: 6:30 pm

9th November

No Sense: Skill & The Soul Searchin' LIVE Project

Soul Searchin 'LIVE Project is a music and experimental project from Plovdiv, created in the beginning of summer 2011 by the common ideas of Stefan Kolev (SKILL) and Ivo Mateev.

At the outset, 5 singles were recorded under the name SKILL & THE BOLD DREAMERS.

The style they adhere to is not exactly distinct, but it is felt by the influence of raw soul funk, jazz & blues, has a great touch of experimental influences from old library music, but most of all revolves around their preference for the raw and dirty sound of the 60s and 70s.

The interesting thing about this project is that it consists of DJ and LIVE BAND, in which participate:
- Stefan Kolev (SKILL) - DJ, Beats & Scratches, programming
- Ivo Mateev - guitar, vocals

Special guests in the project this time are:
- Venelin Georgiev - saxophone
- Maria Kostadinova - vocals

No Sense
10 pm

11th November

CampOUT: identity and persona

More than 40 works created during CampOUT - the first summer workshop for LGBTI artists - will be presented in the period 11-17 November in the city of Plovdiv.

The exhibition brings together numerous photographs, video realizations with spectacular choreography and art collages created entirely during the one-week art workshop by young LGBTI artists from all over the country.

CampOUT is a project by the Single Step Foundation, which aims to empower young artists from the LGBTI community who have already begun to develop in any of the five genres - visual arts, photography, music, dance and fashion design, to help them gain knowledge and inspiration from successful Bulgarian and foreign mentors, to feel free to be themselves, to express themselves and to create.

Mentors at the first annual CampOUT were also very popular personalities who are already established names in the arts. Part of them were singers Lucy Dyakovska and Preya, fashion photographer Kostadin Krastev - Koko, fashion designer Antonia Yordanova of Knapp, and Golden Needle winner - Ivan Ginchev, a graduate of Columbia University in New York, the dancer and choreographer Kosta Karakashian, visual artists Jonathan Rosen and Tom Smith.

The topics covered by the 11 young artists selected after the workshop application process were related to the identity of each of us, our personalities, crossroads, self-awareness and acceptance.

11 – 17 November

12th November

Look At The Depot (or Collect modernity!)

The exhibition project presents contem-porary art from the collection of Nikolay Nedelchev. It includes works by Kolyo Karamfilov, Rumen Zhekov, Dimitar Genchev, Lyuben Petrov, Sasho Stoitsov, Ventsislav Zankov, Nina Kovacheva, Alla Georgieva, Stanimir Genov, Rudy Ninov, Adelina Popnedeleva, Anton Terziev, Ste-fan Bozhkov, Krasimir Krastev-Rassim, Stefan Ivanov, Radoil Serafimov, Bogdan Alexandrov, Miryana Todorova, Karia Kal-acheva, Valentina Shara and others. They are shown for the first time in a single ex-hibition that gives an idea of the direction of a private collection. The project is being implemented by the Edmond Demirdzhiyan Foundation. This is a production of the Edmond Demirdzhian Foundation.

12 November– 5 December
Opening: 12 November, 6 pm